Phase 3: Operationalize At-Home Model

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3.1 Design At-Home Learning Schedules (PDF)

List At Home Learning Schedules Matrix District Examples (Excel)

Template At-Home Learning Master Schedule Template (Excel)

Template Elementary Scheduling Template (Word)

Template Middle School and High School Scheduling Template (Word)

Example PK Suggested Schedule for School At Home Day (Word

InformationTEA School Finance Guidance on Student Attendance (PDF)

Information American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations on Children's Media Use (Website)

Example Instruction Partners: K-5 Sample Schedules in Distance Instructional Models (Website)

Resource IXL: At-Home Learning with IXL (Website)

ResourceKhan Academy: Schedules for School Closures (Website)

Resource TNTP Scheduling Guidance for At Home Learning (PDF)

Example Austin ISD Learning At-Home (Website)

Example Clint ISD Elementary Learning Remote Plan (Website)

Example Dallas ISD At-Home Learning (Website)

Example DeSoto ISD Distance Learning Plan (Website)

Example Katy ISD C&I Online Learning Course (Website)

Example Lytle Elementary Remote Learning Connection (Website)

Example Plano ISD Home Learning Resources (Website)

Example Rosebud-Lott ISD Elementary School Home Activities (Website)

Example San Antonio ISD Digital Playground (Website)

Example Success Academy Remote Learning Deck (Website)

Special Education Special Education: Related SPED-specific guidance and resources (PDF)

  Special Education Resource  Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorders (PDF)

Special Education Example  Colorado River COOP Early Childhood Visual Schedule (Word)

Special Education Example  Fort Bend ISD PPCD Language Lab Expectations (Word)

Special Education Example  Fort Bend ISD Sample Schedules (PDF)

3.2 Adapt Staffing Models (PDF)

Example Expectations for At-Home Learning for District Staff (Word)

Template Expectations Template for At-Home Learning School Based Staff (Word)

Information Guidance on Educator and Staff Issues and Educator Evaluations and Non-Renewal (PDF)

List Staffing Models Matrix (Excel)

Resource Instruction Partners Four Phases of Building Culture (Website)

Example Alamo Heights ISD Continuous Learning Guidelines (Website)

Example Garland ISD Educator Training (Website)

Example Miami-Dade County Public Schools “Preparing for Distance Teaching and Learning” (PowerPoint)

Example Rocky Mountain Prep Teacher/Staff Expectations (Website)

Example Success Academy Remote Learning Deck (Website)

Example Wylie ISD Instructional Plan for School Closure (PDF)

Special Education Special Education Related SPED-specific guidance and resources (PDF)

  Special Education Article Special Educators' Roles as Virtual Teachers (PDF)  
3.3 Communicate Plan to Stakeholders (PDF) Template District Crisis Communications Plan (Word)



Example Elgin ISD “Weekly Focus” Communication (PDF)

Example Humble ISD Strategic Communications Plan (Website)

Example San Marcos CISD Remote Learning Plan (PDF)

3.4 Provide Model-Aligned Professional Development (PDF)

Example Example Considerations for Determining Tools, Programs, and Platforms (Word)

Template Template Designing a Training Plan (Word)

List Training Database (Excel)

Information CEC & eLuma Teaching Special Education Online Webinar (Website)

ArticleEdSurge: Preparing to Take School Online (Website)

Resource ESC 20: Remote Instructional Digital Age Learning Webinars (Website)

Resource ESC 11: Digital Learning Sessions (Website)

Resource Google For Education (Website)

Resource Free On-Line Professional Development Resources and Webinars (PDF) New as of 5/28/20

Example Garland ISD Required Training for Teachers (Website)

Example Alief ISD Educator Training and Supports (Website)

Example Eanes ISD Remote Learning Professional Development (Website)

Example Dallas ISD Professional and Digital Learning (Website)

Example Mesquite ISD Remote PD (Website)

Example Irving ISD Professional Learning Hub (Website)

Example Miami-Dade County Public Schools Instructional Continuity Plan (Appendix A) (PDF)

3.5 Purchase, Print and/or Distribute Instructional Materials (PDF)

Resource Logistical Considerations for Paper-Based Packet Pick Up (PDF)

Template Template to Purchase Print and Distribute Instructional Materials (PDF)

Template Template to Purchase Print and Distribute Instructional Materials (Word)

Resource Instruction Partners: Instructional Management, Structures, and Routines (Website)  

The documents and links included on this webpage are provided as a resource only. This information is intended to assist in the delivery of educational resources in this time of public crisis.

Special Education = Special Education Specific Guidance and Resource


Resource Types


Information: Includes references to statute or rule, FAQs, reference sheets, guidance documents, and special offerings related to instructional continuity


Template: Editable tools that can be used to create district-specific outputs like surveys, training plans, and student schedules


Resource: Collections of tools, processes, supports, and ideas for instructional continuity planning


Example: A representation of an output suggested to be developed during instructional continuity planning


Article: Expert tips, best practices, and step-by-step instructions for implementation of planning category specific activities


List: Organized, categorized, and searchable list of resources or examples of quality district outputs


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Determine At-Home Instructional Model and Monitoring

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Phase 3

Operationalize At-Home Model

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