TEA Strategic Plan

By the year 2030, projections indicate that most jobs will require some training beyond high school. This could be a traditional 4-year degree, a 2-year associate's, or an industry credential. But today, too few Texas students are obtaining postsecondary credentials. Without bold action, Texas faces a future of diminished incomes, opportunities and resources. Initiated by the Higher Education Coordinating Board, the 60x30TX Plan is designed to ensure that a competitive and prosperous future remains for students seeking to better their lives and the lives of their families. The state has adopted 60x30TX as our collective goal.

In an effort to support far more rapid improvements in student outcomes to meet the goals of 60x30TX, the Texas Education Agency has adopted a strategic plan. The plan includes four strategic priorities and built on three supporting actions to guide our work on behalf of the more than five million school children in our state.






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