Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

State law requires every Texas school district to adopt an attendance accounting system that includes procedures to ensure the accurate recording and reporting of student attendance data. The Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (SAAH) contains the official attendance accounting requirements that all public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in Texas must meet. The agency collects student attendance data primarily to ensure that Foundation School Program (FSP) funds can be correctly allocated to Texas’s public schools.


  • describes the FSP eligibility requirements for all students,
  • prescribes the minimum standards for all attendance accounting systems,
  • lists the documentation requirements for attendance audit purposes, and
  • details the responsibilities of all district personnel involved in student attendance accounting.

The final version of the adopted 2020-2021 SAAH and an updated change document has been added to the table below.

Student Attendance Accounting Handbook Word Version PDF Version SAAH Change Document Word Version PDF Version
2020-2021 Handbook, Adopted   PDF 5,685 KB 2020-2021 Change Document, Adopted   PDF 622 KB
2019-2020 Handbook Version 2, Adopted   PDF 4,238 KB 2019-2020 Change Document Version 2   PDF 422 KB
2019-2020 Handbook, Adopted   PDF 2,550 KB 2019-2020 Change Document   PDF 3,710 KB
2018-2019 Handbook, Adopted Word 722 KB PDF 2,544 KB 2018-2019 Change Document Word 89 KB PDF 398 KB
2017-2018 Handbook, Adopted Word 719 KB PDF 2,519 KB 2017-2018 Change Document Word 87 KB PDF 340 KB
2016-2017 Handbook, Adopted Word 711 KB PDF 2,718 KB 2016-2017 Change Document Word 79 KB PDF 916 KB
2015–2016 Handbook, Adopted Word 714 KB PDF 4,270 KB 2015–2016 Change Document N/A PDF 448 KB
2014–2015 Handbook Word 692 KB PDF 2,394 KB 2014–2015 Change Document N/A PDF 1,784 KB
2013–2014 Handbook Word 2,317 KB PDF 1,725 KB 2013–2014 Change Document Word 209 KB PDF 778 KB
2012–2013 Handbook Word 2,696 KB PDF 1,761 KB  2012–2013 Change Document Word 1,028 KB PDF 1,169 KB
2011–2012 Handbook Version 2  Word 2,438 KB PDF 1,547 KB 2011–2012 Change Document Version 2  Word 197 KB PDF 472 KB
2011–2012 Handbook  Word 2,260 KB PDF 1,547 KB 2011–2012 Change Document  Word 838 KB PDF 839 KB
2010–2011 Handbook Version 2  Word 2,297 KB PDF 3,635 KB 2010–2011 Change Document Version 2   Word 81 KB PDF 81 KB
2010–2011 Handbook  Word 2,289 KB PDF 3,594 KB 20092010 Change Document Version 2  Word 487 KB PDF 484 KB


SAAH Presentations, Trainings, and Webinars

The Financial Accountability Section hosted two webinars to review the 2016-2017 Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (SAAH). Both webinars used the same presentation and covered the same material. Please find a copy of the webinar presentation slides and a replay of the January 18, 2017, webinar below:

2016-2017 Student Attendance Accounting Handbook Webinar Slides (PDF 1.15MB)

2016-2017 Student Attendance Accounting Handbook Webinar: January 18, 2017

SAAH Texas Administrative Code Rules

Commissioner of Education Rule:

19 Texas Administrative Code §129.1025, Adoption by Reference: Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

State Board of Education Rules:

19 Texas Administrative Code §129.1, Free Attendance in General  

19 Texas Administrative Code §129.21, Requirements for Student Attendance Accounting for State Funding Purposes

Additional Resources

Following are additional resources related to the SAAH: