Certificate Lookup

The virtual certificate is considered to be the official record of educator certification in Texas that satisfies the Texas Education Code, §21.053(a). All current, expired and inactive certificates will be displayed. View official certification records for Texas educators using the link below.  First and last names must be entered to locate an educator's certificate. The name must match what is in the TEA database. 

Certificate Lookup

Please use Google Chrome when viewing your certificate. You need to ensure the "official record date" at the bottom of your certificate shows the present date. You may need to clear your cache/cookies and refresh the .

Certificate Verification Requests

An official letter regarding certification routes is available online (PDF, 107 KB).

TEA does not provide individually-prepared letters of professional standing, program detail, information or verification of Texas educator's certification status. If your state provides a PDF fillable form to verify your certificate, you may submit it through our help desk.

Due to our staff working remotely, forms requiring verification of certification cannot be printed and mailed at this time. Our office can only complete PDF fillable forms and it must include a valid email address for the licensing agency requesting the information.

Forms requesting educator preparation program detail information cannot be completed and your form will be returned to you. If your form is requesting teacher program details, please contact your Texas educator preparation program.

Please allow several weeks for your request to be completed. During our peak season from April through October it will take longer to process these requests.