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We help districts understand and deliver the schools their families want and need. 


TEA launched the System of Great Schools (SGS) Network to support Texas school districts that are committed to increasing the availability of excellent schools. Our core beliefs unite the SGS network of public school leaders:

  • every student deserves a high-quality, best-fit school,
  • strategic, successful, and sustainable actions require systems-level reform,
  • systems must maximize the benefit of teacher-student interactions,
  • district-charter partnerships can dramatically improve student outcomes, and
  • families should be empowered to choose their child's education.


We offer technical assistance, professional development, and funding so that district leaders can:

  • Set the right goal of providing all students access to a high-quality school that best fits their educational goals and individual needs.
  • Conduct an annual portfolio planning process that analyzes school performance, community needs, and parent feedback to inform action plans for all schools.
  • Build talent pipelines of internal educator teams and external partner operators to plan and execute school actions.
  • Conduct an annual Call for Quality Schools to rigorously vet school action plans and authorize select school operators.
  • Empower families by helping parents know their child’s options, enroll in their desired program, and overcome logistical barriers to attendance.
  • Create an Office of Innovation to publish an annual Call for Quality Schools, evaluate applicants, strategically employ talent, and propose future school actions.
  • Create new organizational structures through new policies and practices that support the Office of Innovation and accelerate the success, efficiency, and sustainability of its work.


Through their leadership, SGS districts across Texas are working to: 

Increase the # and % of students in top-rated schools and reduce the # and % of students in low-rated schools.

Eighteen districts enrolling over 500,000 students have joined the SGS network since its establishment in 2017. These districts vary from rural to urban, but are united by their efforts to strategically improve performance and provide parents with the schools and programs they desire.

System of Great Schools active and alumni school districts


Executive Advisor (EA) firms guide SGS Districts in understanding, planning, and implementing the SGS strategy. The list of approved EA firms is available here.

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