School Improvement

Kindergarten Graduation

The School Improvement Division supports the state’s goal to improve low-performing schools by reviewing, evaluating, monitoring, and intervening with campuses and their districts to ensure excellence in education for all students. The major responsibilities of the division include monitoring and interventions for state accountabilityfederal accountability, and dropout recovery.

Vision and Mission

The primary function of the division is to implement the requirements of Texas Education Code (TEC) Chapter 39A, Subchapter A, Interventions and Sanctions for School Districts and Subchapter B, Campus Intervention Team and Targeted Improvement Plan, and Subchapter C, Campus Turnaround Plan. The division intervenes with campuses and districts that earn a D or F through the State Accountability System and with campuses identified for Comprehensive, Targeted, and Additional Targeted Support under ESSA. These districts and campuses engage in improvement planning and continuous monitoring.

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