Agencywide Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains links to subject-driven Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages housed in various sections of the agency website.

General Information

General Inquiry
Disaster-Related Issues


Certificate Renewal
Superintendent Reporting
Preliminary Criminal History
Educator Discipline

Curriculum & Instructional Materials

Fine Arts
Physical Education (PE) and Physical Activity (PA) Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 261KB)
  Graduation Requirements (PDF, 310 KB)
Early Childhood Education
English Language Learners Progress Indicator
Guidance and Counseling

Schools and Initiatives

Charter Schools
Dropout Prevention

Legal Services

Local, State, and Federal Laws

Finance and Grants

Optional Flexible School Day Program (PDF)
Optional Flexible Year Program (PDF)

Testing and Accountability

2015 Accountability FAQ
Texas Academic Performance Reports (2013–2014)
Accountability Monitoring Intervention Targeted Improvement Plan (PDF, 66KB)