Grants Awarded Data

TEA publishes two types of information about awarded grants:

  • Current fiscal information about grants that have already been awarded
  • Applications that have been selected for a competitive grant award

Current Grant Balances by Recipient

TEA advises grantees to monitor their grant balances regularly to avoid lapsing funds. Grantees should also draw down funds regularly through the expenditure reporting (ER) system to avoid creating the impression that they are not implementing their approved grant program. TEA provides online reports for 2017-2018 through 2020-2021 state and federal programs to help grantees monitor grant balances. These reports, updated monthly, include total grant award, amount remaining, and percentage remaining. 

Competitive Grant Recipients

TEA's Grants Administration Division administers multiple competitive grant programs. The division publishes a list of applicants for each competitive grant program after the applicants have been selected for funding. The division also publishes the competitive grant applications that are selected for funding.

Use the links below to search for information about specific competitive grants. Additional information can be found in the Program Guidelines for each grant on the TEA Grant Opportunities page.


2020–2022 Grow Your Own Grant Program, Cycle 3
2020-2022 Mobile STEM Laboratory Grant
2020–2022 P-TECH and ICIA Planning and Implementation Grant
2020-2022 P-TECH Success Grant Program


2020-2021 Additional Days School Year Planning and Execution Program
2020-2021 Addressing Significant Disproportionality
2020-2021 Charter School Program High-Quality Replication Grant
2020-2021 CTE Perkins Reserve Grant
2020-2021 Lone Star STEM Cycle 2, Year 1
2020-2021 Lone Star STEM Cycle 3, Year 1 Grant
2020-2021 Principal Residency Grant, Cycle 3
2020-2021 Public Charter School Start-Up Grant (Subchapter C)
2020-2021 Public Charter School Program Start-Up (Subchapter D)
2020-2021 School Action Fund-Planning Grant
2020-2021 Services to Students with Autism, Cycle 2
2020-2021 Statewide ESSA Title I, Part A Capacity Building Initiative Grant
2020-2021 STOP School Violence-Mental Health Training Grant, Cycle 2
2020-2021 Technology Lending Grant


2019-2021 Public Charter School Program Start-Up (Subchapter C)
2019–2021 Grow Your Own Grant Program, Cycle 2
2019–2021 Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) and Industry Cluster Innovative Academies (ICIA) Success Grant program
2019–2021 Public Charter School Program Start-Up Grant (Subchapters D and E)
2019-2021 School Action Fund Implementation


2017–2018 Perkins Reserve Grant, Rural (Focus Area 1)
2017–2018 Perkins Reserve Grant, Career Center Partnerships (Focus Area 2)
2017–2018 Perkins Reserve Grant, Career Clusters (Focus Area 3)
2017–2018 Perkins Reserve Grant, Industry Certifications (Focus Area 4)


2017-2019 Expanding Access to Advanced Academics Grant
2017-2019 Public Charter School Program Start-Up Grant
2017–2019 School Redesign Grant, Pilot Cycle


2016-2020 Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS), Cycle 5


2016-2018 (INDUSTRY CLUSTER NAME) Innovative Academy–the Next Generation of ECHS
2016-2018 PreK Partnership Planning Grant
2016-2018 Public Charter School Program Start-Up Grant


2016-2017 Support for Texas Students of U.S. Military Personnel
2016–2017 Texas 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Cycle 9, Year 1