2021-2022 Title III Statewide Professional Development LOI

The purpose of this program is to assist the TEA EL Support Division in developing a suite of professional development tools/resources that will positively impact ELs  academic and social/emotional/mental well-being. The tools/resources will provide robust professional development opportunities to all levels of educators who serve ELs.  The grantee will work with program to formalize systems of collaboration with special education, early childhood and other special populations to develop interactive resources, cross-collaboration/aligned guidance documents, online modules, and instructional videos to ensure ELs with varied needs are provided equitable access to a high quality education.

Grant Period

From October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022.

Applications and Award

The following table links to copies of all applications eligible for competitive review and indicates which applicant(s) are preliminarily selected to receive an award, pending successful completion of fiscal and programmatic review and negotiation.

Eligible Applications

Prelim. Award Selection

001 Education Service Center 20


002 Ensemble Learning


003 Education Service Center 11


004 American Institutes for Research