2023-2024 Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP)

The purpose of this program is to provide migratory children with the opportunity to meet the same challenging State content and performance standards that the State has established for all children. The goals of the Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP) are to increase the graduation and retention rate of migratory secondary students by facilitating interstate coordination efforts among all the contiguous states to which Texas migrant students travel and to provide technical assistance to migrant education programs that serve Texas home-based students by coordinating the exchange of critical student information between home base and receiving schools.

Grant Period

From September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024.

Applications and Award

The following table links to scanned copies of all applications eligible for competitive review and indicates which applicant(s) are preliminarily selected to receive an award, pending successful completion of fiscal and programmatic review and negotiation.

Eligible Applications Prelim. Award Selection
001 ESC 16 Not Awarded
002 ESC 1 Not Awarded
003 ESC 20 Awarded