2022-2023 Teacher Leadership Cycle 3 (District Practices Fellowship) 

The Cycle 3 Teacher Leadership Grant provides Local Education Agencies (LEAs) the opportunity to plan and implement teacher fellowships. The intent of this program is to further professionalize teaching and provide teachers leadership pathways within local school systems. 

Grant Period 

From January 24, 2022, to July 31, 2023.  

Applications and Award 

The following table links to scanned copies of all applications eligible for competitive review and indicates which applicant(s) are preliminarily selected to receive an award, pending successful completion of fiscal and programmatic review and negotiation. 

Eligible Applications 

Prelim. Award Selection 

001 Laredo ISD 


002 Colorado ISD


003 Winona ISD 


004 Rio Hondo ISD 


005 Promise Community School 


006 Trinity Basin Preparatory, Inc.