Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS)

2021-2024 TCLAS Grant Updates

  • Extended Deadlines for TCLAS ESSER III Funded Grants: The Texas Education Agency has extended the end dates for TCLAS ESSER III funded grants to September 30, 2024, and has also extended amendment deadlines, allowing for more time to make grant modifications and submit expenditure reports. Details on the specific deadlines for ESSER and GR funded grants are available for further review in the TAA.
  • Flexible Fund Movement Between TCLAS Decisions: In response to flexibility allowances and requests, the TEA has updated policies to permit the movement of funds between certain TCLAS decisions or within them, subject to approval and guidelines. However, there are restrictions on moving funds out of decisions 6, 7, and 8 due to federal requirements, with a comprehensive table and a survey link provided for those interested in fund reallocation. 
    • LEAs interested in moving ESSER III-funds between or within TCLAS Decisions, please complete this survey by June 26, 2024.

  • Liquidation Extension for Contracted Services: Eligible LEAs with ESSER III-funded TCLAS grants can apply for a liquidation extension to extend contracted services until February 28, 2026. This is intended to offer additional flexibility for utilizing ESSER III funds, with a tool for application availability announced for the summer of 2024.

For detailed information on these updates, please read the full TAA.

Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS) is a set of funding and targeted supports available to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to accelerate student learning in the wake of COVID-19, utilizing state and federal funds.

TCLAS is available to LEAs in a single streamlined application and it provides districts access to: 

  • $1.4 Billion in services and supports available to districts
  • 15 TEA Initiatives customized for learning acceleration
  • 1 district application to access funding

Reach out to TCLAS@tea.texas.gov with any questions.

What is included in TCLAS?

TCLAS program grants are anchored in five learning acceleration strategies: Strategic Planning, Instructional Materials, Teacher Pipelines, More Time and Innovative School Models. 

TCLAS is the only application process in 2021-2022 for many popular TEA initiatives including:

  • Additional Days School Year Planning and Execution Program (ADSY PEP)
  • Blended Learning Grant Program (BLGP)
  • COVID Recovery Instructional Materials Support Initiative (CRIMSI)
  • Grow Your Own (GYO)
  • Math Innovation Zones (MIZ)
  • Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH)
  • Resilient School Support Program (RSSP)
  • School Action Fund (SAF)
  • Strong Foundations Grant from House Bill 4545
  • Support and Subsidies for Tutoring Programs
  • Teacher Residency and Staffing Models

Within each area, an LEA selects specific supports of interest aligned with 10 key decision points.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and performance management to prioritize, launch, and continuously improve learning acceleration strategies

  • Decision 1: LEA Accelerated Learning Strategic Planning

Instructional Materials

Rigorous, high-quality instructional materials designed to make up ground and master grade level TEKS

  • Decision 2: HQIM Core Approved Products
  • Decision 3: HQIM Supplemental Approved Products

Teacher Pipelines

Talent pipelines that support teachers to deliver excellence in the classroom, getting more than 1 year of growth in 1 year

  • Decision 4: Teacher Recruitment Support
  • Decision 5: Residency Program Support

More Time

More time for the students in most need, including expanding instructional time in the summer and with targeted tutoring

  • Decision 6: Tutoring Supports
  • Decision 7: School Day/Calendar Redesign
  • Decision 8: Strong Summer Program

Innovative School Models

Innovative school models to incorporate all of the learning acceleration framework

  • Decision 9: P-TECH
  • Decision 10: New School Models

Program Contact List

TCLAS Decision  ​ Contact​
D1AB RSSP Strategic Planning and Data Fellows​ patricia.salgado@tea.texas.gov
D2ABC HQIM Tech. Assistance (TA) (SAVL), Print Materials and Coaches​ gloria.mathews@tea.texas.gov
D2ABC HQIM Tech. Assistance (TA) (CRIMSI), Print Materials and Coaches​ valerie.johnson@tea.texas.gov
D3A BL. Product Licenses mike.strange@tea.texas.gov
D3B Progress Monitoring & Intervention Products  ​ leaann.lee@tea.texas.gov
D3C Learning Dynamics/ Decodable Texts ​ colin.dempsey@tea.texas.gov
D3E College Bridge  ​ advancedacademics@tea.texas.gov
D4ABC GYO Paraprofessional Stipends, HS E&T Stipends, Implementation Funds​ gyo@tea.texas.gov
D5ABC Teacher Residency Stipends, Residency Implementation TA, Staffing Design Implementation TA​ alissa.rhee@tea.texas.gov
D6 Tutoring Subsidy  ​ accelerated.instruction@tea.texas.gov
D7ABC ADSY Tech. Assistance, ADSY Project Manager, ADSY Ops. Days Funding​ erik.torres@tea.texas.gov
D8ABC Summer Program Tech. Assistance, Project Manager, Ops. Funding ​ ruchamah.belizor@tea.texas.gov
D9ABC New PTECH Planning & Implementation, Existing PTECH Network Expansion, Dual Credit Fac. Exp.​ ccrsm@tea.texas.gov
D10AB New School Model Planning & Implementation Support, School Restart Implementation ​ laura.hyatt@tea.texas.gov
D11ABC Afterschool ​ afterschool@tea.texas.gov


Title Description

TCLAS eGrants Webinar

This presentation provides a a walkthrough of the TCLAS eGrants system, and a recap of the next steps to take.
TCLAS eGrants Calculator LEAs use this guidance budget calculator to help calculate a total budget summary to input in the eGrants system. This tool will flow to a final summary tab displaying a budget summary for each possible funding source: General Revenue and ESSER III. Updated Oct 5, 2021.
TCLAS eGrants FAQ The eGrants FAQ contains all the questions submitted so far to support deeper understanding of the eGrants process. Updated October 5, 2021.
Title Description
TCLAS Afterschool Overview Document The Afterschool Overview document provides an overview of the TCLAS: High Quality Afterschool application process, offering grants for personnel costs, technical assistance, educator stipends, and instructional supports aimed at implementing research-aligned afterschool programs. Updated October 7, 2021.

TCLAS Afterschool Award Confirmation Webinar

This webinar deck and recording provides information on the TCLAS: High Quality Afterschool application process, covering program specifics, supports available, eligibility criteria, prioritization guidelines, assurances required, and steps to follow for interested applicants. Published December 16, 2021.
TCLAS Afterschool FAQ The TCLAS Afterschool FAQ contains all the questions submitted so far to support deeper understanding of what TCLAS High Quality Afterschool has to offer. Updated May 18, 2022.
Webinar Topic Recording Slide Deck
Decision 1: Accelerated Learning Strategic Planning Recording Slide Deck
Decision 2: HQIM Core Approved Products Recording Slide Deck
Decision 3: HQIM Supplemental Approved Products Recording Slide Deck
Decision 4: Teacher Recruitment Support Recording Slide Deck
Decision 5: Residency Program Support Recording Slide Deck
Decision 6: Tutoring Supports Recording Slide Deck
Decision 7: School Day/Calendar Redesign Recording Slide Deck
Decision 8: Strong Summer Program Recording Slide Deck
Decision 9: P-TECH Recording Slide Deck
Decision 10: New School Models Recording Slide Deck
Decision 11: High Quality Afterschool Recording Slide Deck
Webinar Title Recording Slide Deck
TCLAS Award Kick-off Webinar Recording Slide Deck
Decision 1 Recording Slide Deck
Decisions 2a, 3a, 3d, and 6: Digital Access Recording Slide Deck
Decisions 2a & 2c (CRIMSI) Recording Slide Deck
Decisions 2a & 2c (State Approved Vendor List) Recording Slide Deck
Decisions 2b & 3c: Print Materials Access Recording Slide Deck
Decision 3b: Progress Monitoring & Intervention Recording Slide Deck
Decision 3e: College Prep Courses in English & Math Recording Slide Deck
Decision 4: Teacher Recruitment Support Recording Slide Deck
Decision 5: Residency Program Support Recording Slide Deck
Decision 7: School Day/Calendar Redesign Recording Slide Deck
Decision 8: Strong Summer Program Recording Slide Deck
Decision 9a: P-TECH Network Planning & Implementation Recording Slide Deck
Decision 9b: P-TECH Network Success Recording Slide Deck
Decision 9c: Dual Credit Faculty Expansion Recording Slide Deck
Decision 10: New School Models Recording Slide Deck
Title Description
Interactive Timeline Resource This sheet can help LEAs understand the overlap between TCLAS Decisions that require higher district capacity and make strategic choices based upon their capacity. Published July 29, 2021.
Non-Competitive Procurement Approval Form Request for Other Noncompetitive Procurement Approval. This Noncompetitive Procurement Approval may be used for use of vendors named on the TCLAS State Approved Vendor List (SAVL) funded by TCLAS only.