District Accountability Intervention and Guidance

The guidance and resources below are specific to districts rated D or F through the State Accountability System.

If you do not know the accountability rating assigned to your district, visit the Texas Schools Report Card web page. For campus specific information, view the Campus Accountability Intervention and Guidance page.

2020 Intervention Guidance and Tools 

Update Revised 2/8* District Interventions Matrix (PDF, 166KB)

*language revision in reference to artifact submission

Links in the PDF above direct to the Intervention & Submission calendars for the 2020-2021 monitoring year.

DCSI Job Description (PDF, 127KB)

District Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) (Excel ,16KB)

Public Hearing and Meeting Requirements (PDF, 165KB)

Contact Information

School Improvement Division

Email: SIDivision@tea.texas.gov 

Phone: (512) 463-5226

For assistance navigating the Intervention Stage and Activity Manager (ISAM) application, contact the ISAM Support Team at ISAM@tea.texas.gov.

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