High-Quality Prekindergarten

Welcome to the High-Quality Prekindergarten program section of the TEA website. This page and those linked below will provide you robust information to support your implementation of high-quality prekindergarten practices and with your alignment with statutory requirements.

If you need additional support, please use the Early Childhood Education Support Portal.



General Information

Access general information on aiming for high quality in an early childhood program.

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HQPK District Support

Access information regarding resources designed to assist LEAs in their ongoing compliance with the high-quality PK components.



This high-quality component certifies that the curriculum used in PK aligns with the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines.

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Progress Monitoring

This high-quality component supports educators in collecting and utilizing assessment data to inform instruction.


Teacher Qualifications

This high-quality component confirms that teachers of young students are well prepared to carry out their important responsibilities.


Student-Teacher Ratio

Consistently maintained effective teacher/student ratios allow LEAs to ensure that the needs of all students are met.


Family Engagement

Strong family engagement is central to promoting children’s development and supporting their academic achievement.

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Program Evaluation

Continuous improvement is a hallmark of a high-quality prekindergarten program.