Campus Accountability Interventions and Guidance

The guidance and resources below are specific to campuses that have chosen to engage in interventions, support, and funding with the School Improvement Division through the ESF-Focused Support Grant or the Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant.

New 2021-2022 Intervention Guidance and Tools

Artifact Submission Guidance

DCSI Job Description

Initial TIP Submission Checklist

Intervention & Submission Calendar - ESF Diagnostic Completed

Intervention & Submission Calendar - ESF Diagnostic Required

Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) Rubric

Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) - Example *coming soon

This TIP is an example of what will be submitted at the Initial TIP submission. The TIP provided is only developed for one Essential Action; EA 5.1. Campus TIPs will select 2-3 Essential Actions as their prioritized focus areas.