Campus Accountability Interventions and Guidance

The guidance and resources below are specific to campuses rated D or F through the State Accountability System and campuses identified for Comprehensive, Targeted, or Additional Targeted Support under ESSA.

If you do not know the accountability rating assigned to your campus, visit the Texas Schools Report Card web page. For district specific information, view the District Accountability Interventions and Guidance web page.

Campus Turnaround Plan Guidance

After a campus has been identified as unacceptable for two consecutive years, the campus must develop and submit a turnaround plan to the agency explaining the campus’ systemic approach to producing significant and sustainable gains in achievement. Turnaround implementation guidance may be found on the Campus Turnaround Plan Guidance web page.

Texas Title I Priority Schools

The intent of the Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS) grant program is to achieve lasting positive reforms in the state's most struggling campuses through highest-quality implementation for strong evidence-bases interventions. Guidance for TTIPS campuses is found on the Texas Title I Priority Schools web page.

2020 Intervention Guidance and Tools

Campus Interventions Matrix (PDF, 797KB)

*Links in the PDF above direct to the Intervention & Submission calendars for the 2020-2021 monitoring year.

Update Revised* 9/3 Campus Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) (Excel, 134KB)

*change to student data tab instructions and student percentage vs count in column b

Update Revised* 9/3 Campus Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) - Example (Excel, 138KB)

*change implementation levels throughout template

DCSI Job Description (PDF, 127KB)

Public Hearing and Meeting Requirements (PDF, 165KB)

Targeted Improvement Plan Rubric (Excel, 34KB)

TAP to TIP Guidance (PDF, 251KB)

Reflective Prioritization Activity Guidance and Tools

The Reflective Prioritization Activity (RPA) is a process to support campuses in planning for implementation of their 2020-2021 Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) given the disruption of COVID-19 on their school improvement efforts in SY 2019-2020. The RPA provides a structured reflection for campuses to review the progress made this year in the implementation of focus areas surfaced in the ESF self-assessment or ESF diagnostic process. It also assists with determining how the campus can continue moving forward with their TIP to positively impact student outcomes.

The RPA is designed to replace the required TIP submission for Cycles 3 and 4 and will be submitted prior to the required initial TIP submission early next fall (August).

ESC staff and TEA School Improvement Specialists are available to offer support and guidance with this process.

Reflective Prioritization Activity Guidance for All Pathways


Pathway 1

Pathway 1

Campuses that were unable to complete an ESF Diagnostic Visit during SY 2019-2020 due to COVID-19 disruptions.

RPA Webinar-Pathway 1

RPA Timeline-Pathway 1

RPA Tool-Pathway 1

RPA Tool-Pathway 1 Example

Pathway 2

Pathway 2

Campuses that completed an ESF Diagnostic visit prior to SY 2019-2020

RPA Webinar-Pathway 2
*starts at 16:52min

RPA Timeline-Pathway 2

RPA Tool-Pathway 2

Pathway 3

Pathway 3

Campuses that completed an ESF Diagnostic visit during SY 2019-2020

RPA Webinar-Pathway 3

RPA Timeline-Pathway 3

RPA Tool-Pathway 3

RPA Tool-Pathway 3 Example