Department of Grants Compliance and Oversight

  • The Department of Grants Compliance and Oversight (GCO) oversees all phases of federal and state grants awarded to TEA grantees, including independent school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, and education service centers (known as local educational agencies, or LEAs), as well as other types of organizations, such as nonprofits.

    Title I, Part A Program Administration

    Administration of the Title I, Part A program is managed from within GCO. Refer to the following resources for more information.

    Committee of Practitioners
    Community Eligibility Provision
    Ed-Flex Waivers
    Title I, Part A Distinguished Schools
    Title I, Part A--Improving Basic Programs

    With Title I, Part A program questions, contact:

    Anita Villarreal, Title I, Part A State Director
    Department of Grants Compliance and Oversight
    (512) 463-9244 

    Divisions of the GCO

    GCO consists of three divisions, which perform the following duties.

    Grants Administration Division   Allotment and award of grant funds as well as management of funds during the lifetime of the grant
    Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting Division   Agency and grantee compliance with fiscal requirements governing the expenditure of grant funds and how those expenditures are reported to the state or US Department of Education (USDE)
    Federal Fiscal Monitoring Division   Grantee compliance with federal fiscal requirements

    Department Functions

     GCO is responsible for the following specific agency functions.

    ESSA Private School Equitable Services   Requirements under ESSA for providing equitable services to students and staff of private nonprofit schools, including complaint resolution through TEA's PNP ombudsman
    Federal Regulations   Information on the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR)
    Hurricane Harvey Federal Grant Funding   Guidance on using federal grant funds to help mitigate effects of the Harvey disaster
    The New EDGAR   Administrative requirements that went info effect in Dec. 2014, when USDE adopted the Uniform Grants Guidance (Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations, or 2 CFR)
    Substitute System of Time and Effort   Guidance on how LEAs may implement a simplified system of time and effort reporting for their employees who work on multiple cost objectives
    Title I, Part A   Program management office for the ESSA Title I, Part A grant  
    Transition to ESSA   Changes to the grant application and process under ESSA, with links to the strategic priorities TEA has defined for meeting the needs of Texas K-12 students under ESSA
    Travel Information and Guidance   Current mileage, lodging, and meal reimbursement rates along with guidance on what expenses are allowable for reimbursement