CRRSA Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) I Grant Program

The Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) grant is part of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) II Fund, authorized by the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act signed into law in December 2020.

EANS provides funding for services to non-public schools suffering the impact of COVID-19. Allowable uses of EANS funding include costs associated with safely reopening schools, continuing instruction, addressing learning loss, supporting educational technology, and reimbursing for certain coronavirus-related expenses.

Funds may be used for pre-award costs dating back to March 13, 2020, when the COVID-19 national emergency was declared, and must be fully expended by September 30, 2023.

CRSSA EANS I Round Two Service Allocation Amounts

Service allocations for CRRSA EANS I Round Two were made public on December 3, 2021. This will serve as the official award date for PNPs.

NOTE: Allocations were modified on December 6, 2021, to correct for a software error. The list now reflects the accurate funding allocations for PNPs participating in Round Two of CRRSA EANS I.

CRSSA EANS I Round Two Service Allocation Process

Below is the process of how final funding allocations for CRRSA EANS I Round Two were calculated.

  1. TEA takes the sum of your allowable services and assistance from your CRRSA EANS I R2 application and inputs into formula.
  2. Your sum of allowable services and assistance from application is then weighted by your school's low-income student percentage and COVID-19 impact.
  3. Ratable reduction percentage is then calculated by taking the sum of all PNP’s weighted allocations (starting value) and working towards the remainder of funds left in the CRRSA EANS I program (final value).
  4. Weighted allocation is then multiplied by ratable reduction percentage for each PNP.
  5. Final weighted and ratably reduced allocation is calculated for each PNP.

CRRSA EANS I Round One Approved Service Allocations

Service allocations for CRRSA EANS I Round One were made public on July 12, 2021. This will serve as the official award date for PNPs.

TEA Announcements

November 4, 2021:

TEA has received close to 300 applications, totaling $196 million of services, for the remaining available $46 million, with about 50 new schools submitting the Round Two application. Until all applications are fully reviewed, there is no guarantee of funding to schools until early next month. (Note that for Round One, TEA received about 300 applications and allocated over $105 million.)  By federal statute, TEA will prioritize the requests to determine the allocation of the remaining $46 million in services.

If your school has already received an amended Round Two application, please remember that amounts will be decided later (as stated in your email from the agency). That decision will be made public by December 6, 2021, and information on when to contact Region 10 will be provided at that time.

Until funding allocations are announced, please do not contact Region 10 regarding Round Two services or assistance. TEA apologizes if the notification of allowable activities has been confusing, but federal statue dictates the review process and timelines for notifying you on the status of your application.

Refer to the CRRSA EANS I Announcement Archive for previous announcements.

How to Receive EANS Information Directly from TEA

Information will be shared through TEPSAC and TPSA and through TEA's private nonprofit school (PNP) email list. If you are not on our email list for private schools, you may join at the Texas Education Agency Updates page by following these steps:

  1. Choose your subscription type (the way you would like to receive updates).
  2. Enter your email address or text information and click "Submit."
  3. On the lengthy list of available topics that opens, scroll down to the bolded Texas Schools heading.
  4. Check the box next to Private Nonprofit (PNP) Schools.
  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

TEA Guidance and FAQ

Refer to the EANS Grant Program FAQ for answers to common questions. Use the EANS FAQ Submission form to submit new EANS questions to TEA staff. 

The following guidance is also available: 

Find additional grant-related guidance on the Department of Grant Compliance and Administration YouTube playlist.

Low-Income Determination Data

Free- and Reduced-Price Lunch Income Eligibility Criteria: This information may be helpful to private schools in determining local low-income data that is aligned to National Free- and Reduced-Price Lunch eligibility data.

Title I Campus List by District Name, with Low Income Student Percentage: This information can be used by private schools using the proportionality method to determine their number of low income students.

CRRSA EANS I Program Timeline

Date Event
02/26/2021 TEA receives EANS award from USDE
03/22/2021 TEA publishes EANS website
03/26/2021 TEA releases EANS application to PNPs; TEA notifies PNPs through email via the PNP listserv and TEPSAC/TPSA
05/28/2021 PNP applications due to TEA; TEA must approve/deny PNP applications within 30 days of receipt
06/28/2021 Last day for TEA to approve PNP applications
07/23/2021 Final day for TEA to announce amounts of Services for eligible PNPs
08/23/2021 Approved PNPs will begin to receive services, if not before, from the contracted public entity selected by TEA
08/30/2021 TEA will open a second round of applications for EANS I services
10/11/2021 PNP applications due to TEA for EANS I Round Two; TEA must approve/deny PNP applications within 30 days of receipt
11/19/2021 Last day for TEA to approve PNP applications for EANS I Round Two
12/06/2021 Funding allocations made public, if not before, from the TEA on EANS website

Last day for PNPs to receive services under EANS

*Date adjusted due to USDE approval of CRRSA EANS I liquidation extension. Please refer to new dates listed below.

11/01/2023 Last day PNPs can submit reimbursement requests to the statewide contractor, ESC Region 10, based on the original statutory program end date.
02/28/2025* Last day for PNPs can submit procurement (direct-pay) requests to the statewide contractor, ESC Region 10. 

Federal Guidance

The USDE Department of Education (USDE) publishes a FAQ on the EANS grant program, which is linked to the USDE's main EANS page. The FAQ addresses issues related to PNP eligibility (Section C) and types of services and assistance available (Section D).

Contact Information

Reach EANS staff directly via email at the following address: