COVID-19 and Federal Grant Funds

Information on COVID-19 and federal grant funds is provided on TEA's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Guidance page includes links the following FAQs, which include information related to federal funding and COVID-19:

Grant Extensions

All Grants Administration Division deadlines and due dates for grant applications and expenditure reports were adjusted to account for the operational disruptions caused by COVID-19. For details, refer to Universal Errata #1, also linked to the TEA Grant Opportunities page. 

USDE Waiver of Federal Fiscal Requirements

TEA received approval of its expedited fiscal waiver request from USDE on April 10, 2020. Part of the expedited waiver process is to follow-up with USDE on any public comments received on the waiver application. The TTAA letter posted on the agency web site gives LEAs and the public the opportunity to provide comments on the agency’s latest federal grant waiver request. Note that an additional waiver request, as discussed in the Federal Funding and Grants FAQ has also been submitted, but will be a slower review process.