Supplemental ESSER (ESSER-SUPP) Grant Program

To address a small number of school systems that have more direct COVID-19 expenses and/or projected costs for learning loss recovery than they will receive under CRRSA ESSER II and ARP ESSER III formula funding, the Texas Legislature authorized under TEC Section 29.930 as added by House Bill 1525, 87th Legislature, Regular Session, a portion of the state’s discretionary ESSER III funding to provide additional resources to pay for unreimbursed costs due to the coronavirus pandemic and for intensive educational supports for students not performing satisfactorily.

The period of availability for ESSER-SUPP grant funds is from March 13, 2020 (with pre-award) to August 31, 2023.

For ESSER-SUPP, use ESSER III FAR code 283, along with a local option code to distinguish it from ESSER III.

Grant Application

The ESSER-SUPP grant application is available online through eGrants. 

The following application materials are listed here for easy reference; they are also available on the 2021-2023 ESSER Supplemental (ESSER-SUPP) Federal Grant Application page of TEA Grant Opportunities.

Grant Allocations

The Entitlements page lists ESSER-SUPP amounts allocated to eligible LEAs by LEA and ESC.

ESSER-SUPP Training and Resources

Answers to frequently asked questions are listed in the ESSER-SUPP FAQ. The FAQ will be updated regularly. Use the ESSER FAQ Submission form to submit new ESSER questions to TEA staff. 

Application training resources will be posted here when available.

Preliminary Grant Timeline

March 13, 2020 Pre-award start date of grant period
June 24, 2021 Preliminary eligibility list and planning allocations will be available
July 12, 2021 eGrants electronic grant application will be available on the TEA Grant Opportunities web page
July 12 through August 31, 2021
  • School districts and charter schools may begin submitting applications
  • TEA will review and negotiate applications in the order received, prioritized after regular ESSER II and ESSER III applications
September 1, 2021
  • Preliminary grant NOGAs will begin being issued and grant funds will be accessible by school districts and charter schools
  • Grant payment requests in the eGrants Expenditure Reporting (ER) system will be limited to 10% per month until final allocations are released
January/February 2022 Fiscal Year 2022 allocation amounts will be finalized after Fall Snapshot enrollment data becomes available to TEA
January/February 2023 Fiscal Year 2023 allocation amounts will be finalized after Fall Snapshot enrollment data becomes available to TEA
May 1, 2023 Deadline to submit grant amendments
August 31, 2023 End date of grant period
November 30, 2023 Revised Final Expenditure Report due to TEA


To meet ESSER requirements, TEA has developed the following forms: