GEER Assistance to Private Schools (GAPS) Grant Program

The Governor's Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER) Assistance to Private Schools (GAPS) grant program was authorized by the Office of the Governor (OOG) to provide funding to non-public schools to address COVID-19 related activities associated with safely reopening schools, continuing instruction, addressing learning loss, promoting school safety, and supporting educational technology. 

The GAPS grant program is part of the GEER II Fund, authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP). This program allows for eligible private non-profit schools to request services to address needs identified and caused by the pandemic, including limited school safety related activities.

GAPS Approved Service Allocations

Service allocations for GAPS were made public on March 24, 2023. This will serve as the official award date for PNPs.

GAPS Approved Service Allocation Process

Below is the process of how final funding allocations for GAPS was calculated.

Step # Description
#1 Because PNP requests for services exceeded the amount of funding available for services, TEA must implement the USDE approved prioritization formula.
#2 The sum of requested allowable services from the application is then weighted by your school's low-income student percentage and COVID-19 impact. 
#3 Because the amount of funds requested after prioritization still exceeded the amount of funding available, TEA must ratably reduce all PNP requests equitably. 
#4 Weighted allocation from Step 2 is then multiplied by ratable reduction percentage for each PNP. 
#5 Final allocation is determined for each PNP.

TEA Guidance and FAQ

GAPS Grant Program Timeline

Date Event
12/6/2022 TEA releases GAPS program application to PNPs; TEA notifies PNPs of application availability.
1/31/2023 PNP applications due to TEA; TEA must approve/deny PNP applications within 30 days of receipt.
2/28/2023 Last day for TEA to approve PNP applications.
3/24/2023* Final day for TEA to announce service allocation amounts for eligible PNPs.
4/2023 Approved PNPs will begin to receive services, if not before, from the contracted public entity selected by TEA. NOTE: The contracted public entity will be following statewide procurement processes, and as a result, it will be no earlier than this date.
9/30/2024 Last day for PNPs to receive services under GAPS program funding.

*Adjusted due to GAPS application extension. 

Contact Information

Reach GAPS staff directly via email at the following address: