COVID-19 Support: Instructional Continuity Planning

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The purpose of Instructional Continuity planning is to help districts launch “at-home Schools” that maximize the amount of instructional time for students this school year and support student mastery of grade level standards.  

The agency has developed an Instructional Continuity Framework that consists of the phases outlined below, each of which has a series of supporting planning categories. Resources will be continuously posted over the coming weeks in alignment with this framework to support districts. Please reach out to if you have specific resource requests focused on instructional continuity planning. 

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2020-2021 Planning Support



Description Intended Use Release

Reflection tool 

Preliminary planning checklist and reflection tool that districts can use to consider how lessons from spring 2020 may translate to fall planning; Includes topics such as leadership, student performance, family engagement, technology, operations, academics, staffing, etc. 

Serve as  inputs into the guidebook to help LEAs develop their re-opening strategy (e.g., school models, curriculum, schedule, teacher deployment, use of space, etc.)


Survey resource 

Survey question bank and guidance for LEAs to ask families and staff about their spring experience and fall desires 


Planning guidebook 

Set of considerations and resources for districts to use as they determine their school models and district design (curriculum, schedules, staffing, professional development, etc.) and plan for in-year contingencies

Guides LEAs through the process of designing their district and school re-opening strategy


Sample school models 

Set of PowerPoints which describe different campus-level models, including on-campus, remote, and a hybrid of on-campus & remote 

►E.g. On-campus elementary school, Hybrid middle school using a split staffing approach, Remote high school 

Dives deeper into how various school models can be operationalized

Coming soon

Free Trainings for Texas Principals: Excellence in Remote Instruction

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Additional Guidance and Resources