COVID-19 Support: Instructional Continuity Framework


The agency has developed an Instructional Continuity Framework that consists of the phases outlined below, each of which has a series of supporting planning categories. Resources will be continuously posted over the coming weeks in alignment with this framework to support districts. Please reach out to if you have specific resource requests focused on instructional continuity planning. 

The documents and links included on this webpage are provided as a resource only.  This information is intended to assist in the delivery of educational resources in this time of public crisis.

Instructional Continuity Framework Resources


Phase One icon

Phase 1

Conduct Landscape Analysis


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Phase 2

Determine At-Home Instructional Model and Monitoring


Phase Three icon

Phase 3

Operationalize At-Home Model


Phase Four icon

Phase 4

Provide Monitoring and Support

Instructional Continuity Webinars

3/30/2020: Phase 0: Project Management
3/31/2020: Phase 1: Conduct Landscape Analysis
4/1/2020:   Phase 2: Determine At-Home Instructional Model and Monitoring
4/2/2020:   Phase 3: Operationalize the Instructional Model
4/3/2020:   Phase 4: Monitor, Support, and Continuously Improve the Model

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