What Parents Need to Know for Back to School

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As parents, you know your child best. 

The disruptions caused by the pandemic have affected students in many ways, from their relationships with peers and social growth to academics. Every student had a unique experience and faced different challenges, as many were learning with hybrid or virtual models, and some transitioning between them as needed. As students head back to school, the partnerships between our schools and families have never been more important. They are critical to ensuring our students get back on track for success this year. 

Earlier this year, the Texas legislature made several opportunities available for students who need additional academic support to get back on track and accelerate learning. To help families understand these opportunities and make the best decision for their student, TEA created a suite of customizable resources to support schools in providing resources to parents. Check out the resources and information below. 

In many cases, your school will provide a customized version of these resources, so they might look a little different. 

If you have questions about whether your child is eligible for these supports, contact your school directly.


Before school starts, parents must decide:




Back To School Resources


Tutoring Supports icon

If my child is struggling academically, what can the school do?

Coming Soon

TeacherChoice icon

Where can I find more info on what my child learned last year?

Log in to TexasAssessment.gov to learn more

Accelerated Learning Committees icon

Where can I learn more about my child's school?

Visit TXschools.gov to see how your child's school is performing

Parent-Teacher Conferences icon

How can I partner with my child's teacher to support learning?

Download our tool and partner with your child's teacher