Amending an Application

After a grant recipient receives a Notice of Grant Award for an approved application, the grantee may realize a need to make modifications to planned allowable activities or estimated budget costs. Some changes are within the grantee’s power to make without seeking TEA approval. Other changes, however, require the grantee to amend the approved grant application and receive approval of the changes.

To determine whether a planned change to the grant program requires an amendment to the application, please refer to TEA’s When to Amend the Application guidelines. Amendments must be submitted to TEA by the Last Amendment Due Date listed on the TEA Grant Opportunities page for that grant.

Amendments for PDF grants follow the same submission procedure as required for original applications, with additional fields or sections to be completed specific to the amendment and its purpose. eGrants amendments are made by accessing the eGrants application through the TEA Login (TEAL) system. All amendments are subject to negotiation and must adhere to the guidelines, regulations, provisions, and assurances of the grant program. The amendment process is fully described in the Amending the Application section of the General and Fiscal Guidelines.