Expenditure Reporting

Grantees in good standing must use the expenditure reporting (ER) system to record expenditures and request payment. TEA encourages you to draw down funds regularly through the ER system to avoid creating the impression that you are not implementing your approved grant program.

The ER system lists your Notices of Grant Award (NOGAs) by school year and supplies the following information about each NOGA:

  • Amount of remaining funding
  • Payments currently pending
  • Payment history
  • Date TEA issued a payment
  • Due dates for expenditure reports, including final report and revised final report due dates

Any staff member who submits or approves expenditure reports must have a TEA Login (TEAL) username and password. To maintain system security, users should not share usernames or passwords.

Expenditure Reporting System (ER) Guidance

For step-by-step instructions on using ER, refer to the Expenditure Reporting (ER) System Quick Reference Guide.

Refund Information

If the final expenditure report indicates that a refund is due to TEA, within 30 days of notification that a refund is due the grantee must submit a refund check to the following address:

Texas Education Agency-MSC 
P. O. Box 13717 
Austin TX 78711-3717 

Write the name of the grant program, NOGA ID number, and reason for refund ID on the refund check. The refund will be credited to the NOGA ID from which the excess funds were drawn down. 

Reason for Refund 
R.1.  Correction of an administrative error
R.2.  Correction of an unallowable cost
R.3.  Correction for a cost incurred outside the period of availability
R.4.  Return of funds associated with an excessive drawdown
R.5.  Return of funds associated with termination (voluntary or involuntary) 
R.6.  Return associated with a failure to meet maintenance of effort
R.7.  Other (provide brief explanation on separate page)

Request an Extension to ER Deadlines

All grantees are responsible for meeting required deadlines. Even if your request is approved, failure to meet expenditure reporting deadlines may result in loss of funds and could cause the grantee to be identified as “high risk.” 

Submitting the Request 

All requests for extension to expenditure reporting deadlines must be emailed to TEAExpenditures@tea.texas.gov. A separate email must be sent for each grant program the grantee is requesting an extension. The email must be sent from an authorized official, the person authorized to enter the organization into a legally binding agreement for grant payment purposes.

The subject line should read, "Request to Extend ER Deadline – CDN, Grantee Name." 

The email must include the following information:

  • Grant name
  • Name and title of authorized official
  • Additional payment to be requested
  • Responses to the following questions:
    • Describe the reason you are asking to extend the expenditure reporting deadline. Include a description of what happened—e.g., how and why the deadline was missed.
    • Describe the importance of this request to your organization. Why should it be approved? What would be the impact if it were denied?
    • Describe the procedures that will be implemented to ensure expenditure reporting deadlines are met in the future. 
  • Attach a report of cumulative expenditures by class/object code, including the service dates associated with this request.

Timeline for Submitting Request 

Each grant program has a Final Expenditure Report due date and a Revised Final Expenditure Report due date identified on the TEA Grant Opportunities page. For most grant programs the request for an extension of the expenditure reporting deadline will need to be made no later than 30 days after the Revised Final Expenditure Report date.  However, where the Final Expenditure Report and the Revised Final Expenditure Report deadlines are the same date, the grantee will only have 10 days after the deadline to request an extension of the expenditure reporting deadline.  TEA will not consider requests that are submitted after the allotted days, 30 days and 10 days past the deadline respectively.

Expenditure Reporting Deadline Information 

Grantees may find expenditure reporting deadlines listed on the TEA Grant Opportunities page. From the Application Name dropdown list, select the name of the grant. Scroll down to the Critical Events section to find dates for all expenditure reports due for the grant. On occasion, an errata notice will be posted to correct the date of an expenditure reporting deadline. Therefore, grantees should also check errata notices for their particular grants.

Evaluation Process 

TEA staff will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. TEA considers requests by weighing a number of factors related to the request itself, the individual grant program, and the time at which the request is submitted. TEA may need to review supporting documentation, such as the general ledger, in order to determine whether a request will be granted.

TEA will notify the grantee of the approval or denial of the request within 5 business days of receiving the request. If your request for an expenditure reporting deadline extension is granted, you must still comply with expenditure reporting deadline requirements.

Further Information  

For further information regarding either expenditure reporting or the process for requesting an expenditure reporting deadline extension, please contact the Cash Management/Fund Control unit in the Grants Administration Division, at (512) 463-8525 or TEAExpenditures@tea.texas.gov.