Expenditure Reporting

Subgrantees in good standing are required to use the expenditure reporting (ER) system to record expenditures and request payment. Subgrantees may enter total expenditures by class/object code into the ER system.

All individuals reporting and certifying expenditures are required to have a TEA Login (TEAL) account and access to the ER application. For security purposes, the TEAL username and password are not to be shared with any other user.

Expenditure Reporting System (ER) Guidance

For step-by-step instructions on using ER, refer to the Expenditure Reporting (ER) System Quick Reference Guide.

Refund Information

Prior to the expenditure reporting deadline, if the subgrantee discovers expenditures are less than the amount initially reported; it must immediately submit an expenditure report in ER and submit a refund to TEA within 30 days. If the expenditure reporting deadline has passed, submit the refund to TEA and the cumulative expenditures will be adjusted on the appropriate NOGA when the refund is processed by TEA.

The subgrantee must submit a refund check to the following address:

Texas Education Agency-MSC 
P. O. Box 13717 
Austin TX 78711-3717 

Write the name of the grant program, NOGA ID number, and reason for refund ID on the refund check. Refer to the following list of reasons for refund.

The refund will be credited to the NOGA ID from which the excess funds were drawn down.

Reason for Refund

  • R.1. Correction of an administrative error
  • R.2. Correction of an unallowable cost
  • R.3. Correction for a cost incurred outside the period of availability
  • R.4. Return of funds associated with an excessive drawdown
  • R.5. Return of funds associated with termination (voluntary or involuntary)
  • R.6. Return associated with a failure to meet maintenance of effort
  • R.7. Other (provide brief explanation on separate page) 

Expenditure Reporting Deadline Information 

Grantees may find expenditure reporting deadlines listed on the TEA Grant Opportunities page. From the Application Name dropdown list, select the name of the grant. Scroll down to the Critical Events section to find dates for all expenditure reports due for the grant. On occasion, an errata notice will be posted to correct the date of an expenditure reporting deadline. Therefore, grantees should also check errata notices for their particular grants.

Request to Extend Expenditure Reporting Deadline

A subrecipient has 90 days after the ending date of the grant to submit a final or revised final expenditure report. In order for TEA to comply with their close out requirements, no extensions to the expenditure reporting deadline will be provided to the subrecipient.

Expenditure Reporting Assistance

For assistance with expenditure reporting items, contact the Cash Management/Fund Control Unit in the Grants Administration Division at (512) 463-8525 or TEAExpenditures@tea.texas.gov.