School Safety Resource

Educators across our state are committed to the safety of every student in the classroom and on their campuses. The Texas Education Agency shares that commitment and provides this listing of resources in support for achieving that goal.

Governor’s School and Firearm Safety Action Plan 

TEA Correspondence to School Districts and Charters 


Additional Resources 

  • From the Texas School Safety Center: Recommended actions for school districts and charters to address before start of the 2015-2019 school year (PDF)
    List of School Safety Recommendations
  •  Texas School Safety Center – The Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University serves as a central location for school safety information and provides schools with research, training, and technical assistance to reduce youth violence and promote safety in Texas.
  • Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) – For information on School Marshal training:
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) – For information on active shooter training:
  • Mental Health First Aid (PDF):
    MHFA Summary


Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a free, evidence-based training available to all educators. MHFA is an 8-hour instructor led course, which teaches the general public about the signs and symptoms of mental illness and substance use disorders.

MHFA is free to teachers and any school district employee. Education Service Centers (ESCs) and Independent School Districts (ISDs) can contact the local mental health authority (LMHA) or local behavioral health authority (LBHA) in their areas and begin the process of scheduling training during June, July, and August 2018, and continue their efforts to train throughout Fiscal Year 2019. There is an MHFA coordinator at each LMHA/LBHA who can help schedule a training class.

To identify the LMHA/LBHA in your area, please visit:

Access information for the LMHA/LBHA through the online search tool:
To download a copy of the crosswalk of Texas LMHA’s/LBHA and LEA, including the designated Mental Health First Aid Coordinator: Crosswalk of LMHA and TEA (PDF)