iWatchTexas School Safety

Date:  August 16, 2022
Subject: iWatchTexas School Safety
Category: Information
Next Steps:  Share with appropriate ESC and district staff 



On August 16, 2022, Governor Abbott launched a public service announcement to promote the awareness of the iWatchTexas School Safety Reporting System. The intent of this letter is to provide additional information to school systems about iWatchTexas and how it supports safe schools and communities. 

iWatch Texas 

iWatchTexas School Safety is an invaluable resource for reporting (and ensuring law enforcement in partnership with school systems quickly and effectively responds to) suspicious activity in schools and communities. iWatchTexas is the entry point for reports to enter the Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network (TxSARNet), a single, statewide reporting system that ensures tips from different parts of the community are integrated in order to link critical data. iWatchTexas includes functionality that permits district police and other campus security personnel to directly access submitted reports related to their campus/district.  

Tips can be reported anonymously via the iWatch School Safety website, the free iOS and Android mobile apps, or by calling 844-643-2251. All reports are confidential. 

To help school systems answer questions related to this service, iWatchTexas is offering bi-weekly overview briefings. Topics will include a network overview, report submission process, review procedures, and options to directly access school reports. These briefings will occur virtually and last approximately 30 to 45 minutes. School districts are encouraged to register for an iWatchTexas School Safety Overview Briefing.  

Additional information can be found on the iWatchTexas School Safety website.