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(Photo: Dimmitt ISD) Mr. Bell always knew he wanted to coach and teach. But now, he does both at Dimmitt ISD where he teaches robotics to elementary students. (Read entire story).

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Up for the Challenge Square

Up for the Challenge

May 31, 2019

Don Bell, of Dimmitt, Texas always knew that he wanted to coach and teach.





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More Than Just Woodworking

April 11, 2019

As Raymond Mays Middle School’s Building Trades teacher, Mr. Branton teaches his seventh and eighth grade students woodworking skills.






Coppell Square

Producing Recyclers

March 28, 2019

Kelly Clay and her first-grade students took a field trip to a local landfill and recycling plant and turned it into a campaign to rethink the way their school minimizes waste. 











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