PhD Science TEKS Edition

Core K–5 Science Instructional Materials


PhD Science TEKS Edition is a K-5, open education resource (OER), freely-available to districts in perpetuity. It was designed to align with the 2018 streamlined, science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). PhD Science TEKS Edition will not be continuously improved. Instead, TEA is working to develop a new K-5 science open education resource built around the 2024 science TEKS.

PhD Science TEKS Edition is a phenomenon-based program in which teachers facilitate the learning, but students own it. Students develop a deep, lasting understanding of science concepts that inspires them to wonder about the world and empowers them to make sense of it. Each lesson builds on the one before it, so students develop their understanding in the context of the phenomenon. The curriculum provides differentiation strategies to support engagement with rigorous content through hands-on investigations, collaborative conversations, and analysis of authentic texts and media. PhD Science is freely available in perpetuity.

The agency developed these learning resources as a contingency option for school districts during COVID. All resources are optional. Prior to publication, materials go through a rigorous third-party review. Review criteria include TEKS alignment, support for all learners, progress monitoring, implementation supports, and more. Products also are subject to a focus group of Texas educators. Given the timeline for development, errors are to be expected. If you find an error, or if you have additional questions about the product, please email us at

PhD Science Screengrab

The PhD Science in Sync TEKS Edition is an optional add-on that includes direct daily instruction videos, fillable PDFs, and planning and preparation resources designed to help teachers continue rich science education from anywhere. Additional materials, including print materials and science kits are available for purchase from the publisher.

View the PhD Science TEKS Edition Curriculum Overview (PDF) and Scope and Sequence (PDF) to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: PhD Science was acquired under a competitive solicitation through the emergency procurement process to provide immediate science instructional support to Texas school districts during the first year of the pandemic as part of TEA’s Texas Home Learning initiative.

A: PhD Science underwent a rigorous review process, including educator focus groups, to meet the initial Texas Home Learning release requirements of the emergency procurement process during COVID 19. Adaptation of PhD Science for Texas began in 2021, and development continued into 2022 while being piloted with LEAs (Local Education Agencies) as part of the COVID Recovery Instructional Materials Support Initiative (CRIMSI).

A: No. However, stakeholder feedback will be addressed in the development of a new K-5 science product aligned to 2024 science TEKS. 

A: TEA will be working to determine a launch timeline for when a new K-5 science product and associated implementation supports will be launched.

A: Yes. PhD Science TEKS Edition will be accessible on the Great Minds In Sync Platform through SY 2023-2024 and on the forthcoming OER Repository as an open education resource. 

A: Because the last science proclamation was in 2014, many LEAs will experience a gap in instructional materials coverage before SY 2024-2025 and may choose to implement PhD Science to fill that gap. PhD Science TEKS Edition can prepare districts for the important shifts in science instruction that will come with the revised science TEKS, including phenomena-driven instruction and the integration of the scientific and engineering practices.

A: PhD Science, TEKS Edition underwent a rapid development and review process under the emergency procurement process and just finished its first full year of piloting through CRIMSI, which has resulted in some very helpful feedback about alignment within the product. While TEA is not continuously improving PhD Science, districts should work with their State-Approved Vendor and/or Great Minds to receive support with planning for any TEKS-alignment issues. To ensure that all TEKS are taught with fidelity, districts are encouraged to supplement where necessary. 

A: TEA encourages LEAs to make adoption decisions that best address their local context. 

A: Available support varies as outlined below: 

  • CRIMSI Districts: Districts that previously elected to implement PhD Science through CRIMSI can apply for direct grant funds to contract with a state-approved vendor for support. Grant applications are open for those districts until July 5, 2022. 
  • TCLAS districts: Districts that were awarded TCLAS (Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports) Decision 2A to implement PhD Science have funds to contract with a state-approved vendor for implementation and/or professional learning support. 
  • All other districts: Any districts not in CRIMSI or receiving TCLAS Decision 2A would need to use local funds to support their implementation and/or professional learning needs.


A: The PhD Science scope and sequence is strategically designed and unique to the material. Therefore, it is not aligned to the TEKS Resource System scope and sequence. Mixing and reordering the product’s scope and sequence and associated lessons is not recommended given they were intentionally ordered to build on one another.

A: For future development plans regarding PhD Science TEKS Edition, please contact Great Minds.