Approved Statewide CTE Programs of Study

The statewide programs of study frameworks have been updated and are posted below. The documents now include newly developed CTE innovative courses and Technology Applications courses. Microsoft Word versions of the documents are available to edit and can be downloaded through a zip file.  A combination PDF file is available for download which includes all 53 programs of study frameworks.  The original framework versions released in the fall of 2019 are available at the Archived Programs of Study Frameworks link below. 

Programs of Study Overview

Programs of Study FAQ

Agriculture Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster Icon
Architecture and Construction Icon
Arts AV Technology and Communications Career Cluster Icon
Marketing Career Cluster Icon

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources 

Architecture and Construction

Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications





Business, Marketing, and Finance




Education and Training Icon
Health Science Icon
Hospitality and Tourism Career Cluster Icon

Education and Training






Health Science

Hospitality and Tourism



Human Services Career Cluster Icon
Information Technology Career Cluster Icon
Manufacturing Career Cluster Icon


Human Services




Information Technology



Law and Public Service






STEM Career Cluster Icon
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Icon

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics



All Statewide Programs of Study Frameworks PDF File

Editable Word Framework Documents

Regional Programs of Study

Program of Study Coversheets

Archived Program of Study Frameworks


**Note (4/5/2022):  Due to the Weighted Funding files and new files in TSDS that are posted in the main Program of Study page, the following files have been removed from this page:

1.  At a Glance by Career Career Excel 

2.  Program of STudy with Weights Excel

3. Program of Study with Weights Accessible PDF

4.  Statewide Programs of Study At-a glance Accessible List PDF

5.  Statewide Programs of Study At a Glance Accessible list PDF


The At-a-Glance files have been updated for the 2020-2021 school year.  The documents now include newly developed CTE innovative courses and Technology Applications courses.