Approved Statewide CTE Programs of Study

The statewide program of study frameworks have been updated (September 2022) and are posted below. The updated documents include newly developed CTE innovative courses, Technology Applications courses, and a comprehensive list of industry-based certifications from the TEA-approved list that are aligned to each program of study. PowerPoint versions of the documents are available to edit and can be downloaded through a zip file at the bottom of the page. 

Programs of Study Overview

Programs of Study FAQ

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All Statewide Programs of Study Frameworks PowerPoint Editable Zip File  (UPDATED 2/7/23)

Regional Programs of Study


**Note (4/5/2022): Due to the Weighted Funding files and new files in TSDS that are posted in the main Program of Study page, the following files have been removed from this page:

  1. At a Glance by Career Excel
  2. Program of Study with Weights Excel
  3. Program of Study with Weights Accessible PDF
  4. Statewide Programs of Study At-a glance Accessible List PDF
  5. Statewide Programs of Study At a Glance Accessible list PDF

The At-a-Glance files have been updated for the 2020-2021 school year. The documents now include newly developed CTE innovative courses and Technology Applications courses.