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Kindergarten Readiness Statement

TEA supports high quality prekindergarten that is developmentally appropriate, multisensory and experiential. Young children thrive when provided a learning environment that inspires curiosity, builds confidence and fosters a love of learning. 

Children are "ready" for school when families, schools, and communities work together to ensure they enter school with strong foundational knowledge and skills across 5 primary domains of development. Although separate, these domains are interconnected and development in one area reinforces development in the other.  

The primary domains of development are:
  • Physical – Gross and Fine Motor
  • Literacy – Reading and Writing
  • Mathematical – Concepts and Thinking
  • Language and Communication
  • Health and Wellness

In order to provide high quality early childhood education that is focused on the unique needs of each child, student progress monitoring and kindergarten readiness should be measured across multiple domains of development.

Together we can ensure that every child in Texas thrives!

To find out if your child is eligible for free public 3 and 4 year old prekindergarten, see the state eligibility criteria.

For more information about state-funded 3- and 4-year old prekindergarten, see 3- and 4-Year Old PreK FAQ.

Free Developmental Screening Tool

Act Early Texas! provides parents and early childhood professionals with information designed to determine if a child is developing similarly to other children his or her age. The tool is designed to answer the question, "Is this child's development like other children of the same age?“

CLI Engage for Parents 

For over ten years, the Texas School Ready project has been supporting pre-K teachers in our common goal of improving children’s “school readiness”—the foundational knowledge children need to be prepared for Kindergarten. Through the new CLI Engage platform, we are excited to provide opportunities for parents to participate in the Texas School Ready project too!

Texas PBS

Texas PBS Raising Readers provides statewide educational resources for children, caregivers and families with research-based media tools and community engagement efforts proven to help build early literacy skills for young children  

Updated Prekindergarten Guidelines

In fall 2015, TEA established a 13-member review committee consisting of classroom teachers and administrators from early childhood programs in public schools, higher education faculty, and early learning experts from across the state to participate in the revision of the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. The revised prekindergarten guidelines are aligned with the Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), sequenced to follow child development and give teaching strategies for each of the guidelines. The new guidelines offer educators the information and support to prepare all children for success in school.

Developmental Guidelines - 0-5 years old

Published in 2013, the Texas Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines describe expectations about what children should know and be able to do across developmental domains of learning during specific age ranges, as well as what steps caregivers should take to support healthy development. 

For more resources on child care, parenting, children with disabilities and other information from other state agencies and community organizations, visit the State and Community Resources page.