Parent Resources for Students in Special Education

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General Resources 

Resource Type/Source/Date Notes

Special Education Information Center - SPEDTex

Website - SPEDTex

Information for parents.  Call center and chat.  The Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) works collaboratively with stakeholders to provide resources and facilitate collaboration that supports the development and delivery of services to children with disabilities in our State.

Creating a new normal for kids during the uncertainties of COVID-19

Article - University of Texas Health and Science Center at Houston (UTHealth)

March 17, 2020

University of Texas Health and Science Center at Houston (UTHealth): Includes information and resources for parents to maintain a sense of normalcy for their children during this time.

How to cope with disrupted family routines during COVID-19

Video and Tips - Autism Speaks 

March 20, 2020

Includes information on how to cope with disruptive family routines during COVID-19

Resources for Families during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Also in Spanish

Information - Common Sense Media

Includes resources for working with kids to understand Coronavirus coverage, staying calm, and learning at home. Also available in Spanish.

Coronavirus: Latest Updates and Tips

Information -

Coronavirus: Latest Updates and Tips: Includes tips and resources for learning at home and activities to keep kids busy at home.

Compensatory Services & COVID-19 School Closures (English)

Compensatory Services & COVID-19 School Closures (Spanish)

PDF - TEA - June 9 2020 Flyer for parents describing what compensatory services are.


Learning at Home Resources  

Resource Type/Source/Date Notes

Tips for Helping Your Child Learn at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Article - The Inclusive Class

March 16, 2020

Created by a parent for parents and includes ideas for creating a learning space for your child with appropriate learning supplies and materials and an effective daily schedule.

Supporting All Learners: Resources for Families and Caregivers of Children with Special Needs 

Information - Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN) Autism and Tertiary Behavior Supports

Includes daily routine considerations, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor activities, and resources for academic subject areas.

Language opportunities for using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems at home

Article - AssistiveWare

Communication does not stop at home or at school. Successful communication happens when people with communication difficulties can use their AAC system in all environments. Find strategies for using AAC at home in this blog post.

STEM Lessons in the Kitchen

Article - National Education Association

Includes simple activities in the kitchen that relate to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for young children of all abilities.

Dyslexia and Reading Resources

Website - Information - Fort Bend ISD

List of resources for dyslexia and reading. 

Fun Activities to Try at Home

Website - Information - Fort Bend ISD

List of activities for you to do at home with your children.

Educational Games

Website - Information - Fort Bend ISD

List of educational games for your children.

Reading Rockets — For Parents

Website - Reading Rockets

Various articles and tips for helping your children read. 

Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development - A Toolkit

Website - National Center on Improving Literacy

A toolkit that helps parents and families take part in literacy experiences at home to develop children’s reading and language skills, including an online tutorial, research briefs and infographics, and tools and resources.

How to Help a Child with Dyslexia at Home

Article - Best Kids Solutions

A guide to how To Help A Child With Dyslexia At Home.

Transition Activities for At-Home Learning 

Also in Spanish

PDF – Information – TEA
June 4 2020

Information for activities support transition during at-home learning. 


Behavior Resources

Resource Type/Source/Date Notes

Tips for Managing Behaviors for at Home Learning

Spanish Version

PDF - Information - TEA

April 14, 2020

Information for managing behaviors during at-home learning. 

Managing Problem Behavior at Home

Article - Child Mind Institute

Managing Problem Behavior at Home - A guide to more confident, consistent and effective parenting.

Behavior Support Resources

Website - Information - Fort Bend ISD

List of resources for managing behaviors at home.

15 Behavior Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Article - International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES)

In this article you will find 15 supportive behavior strategies for children on the autism spectrum (some strategies can be used with adults as well). Many of the strategies can also be used to help children without autism who have challenging behaviors.

The documents and links included on this webpage are provided as a resource only. This information is intended to assist in the delivery of educational resources in this time of public crisis.


Resources and Information for Students with Disabilities