Educator Preparation Compliance Reports

According to Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §228.10(c), all entities approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) must be reviewed every five years. Additionally, Texas Education Agency staff may conduct a discretionary review at any time. Per TAC §228.1(c), all educator preparation programs (EPPs) are subject to identical standards of accountability, as required under TAC Chapter 229. The Texas Education Agency administers Texas Administrative Code required by the Texas legislature for the regulation of all educator preparation programs in the state. 

Information on EPPs appear alphabetically below. Only programs with reports during the last five years appear. As additional programs are reviewed, additional reports appear.

EPP's, A-1 | EPP's A-2 | EPP's B-G | EPP's H-LEPP's M-QEPP's R-1   EPP's R-2EPP's SEPP's T-1EPP's T-2EPPs U-Z

Programs that have closed and been reviewed within the past 5 years.