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LEA Requirements under SB 1716

Important items to share with families under SB 1716

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LEA requirements under SB 1716 rule:

Under SB 1716, district and charter schools have new requirements for the SSES program.

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19 TAC §102.1601.Supplemental Special Education Services and Instructional Materials Program for Certain Public School Students Receiving Special Education Services.

(i) Requirements to provide information.

(1) School districts and open-enrollment charter schools shall notify parents and guardians of students served by special education of the SSES program and how to apply.


NOTE: If districts or charters have already notified families previously of the new criteria, they do not have to do this again. The above resources are optional, LEAs may choose the most appropriate delivery method to ensure that this information is provided to eligible families.

(2) At the student's next admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee meeting, the ARD committee shall determine if a student has been awarded an SSES account. At this meeting, upon learning that a student has been awarded an account, the ARD committee shall provide:

RESOURCE: This is a resource that your school may use to determine if the family has an SSES account. This is a flowchart that will walk ARD committees through some questions to determine if families have an SSES account – LINK TO ARD FLOWCHART.

NOTE: This is the “next” ARD meeting, a meeting does not have to be scheduled for the sole purpose of notifying families. This resource above is optional, ARD committees must determine if a family has an SSES account, if the family has an account, they must do parts (A) and (B) below. If they do not have an account, TEA encourages families to apply if accounts are available.

  1. information about types of goods and services that are available to the eligible student; and

RESOURCE: One-page overview of the SSES program (this is available in multiple languages) – ENGLISH | SPANISH | VIETNAMESE | ARABIC | SIMPLIFIED CHINESE

NOTE: This is only required for families with SSES accounts.

  1. instructions and resources on accessing the online accounts.

RESOURCE: One-Page on how to use their ClassWallet account – ENGLISH | SPANISH

NOTE: This is only required for families with SSES accounts.

Important items to share with families under SB 1716 rule:

The following pieces of rule may be helpful for the LEA to understand to assist families.

19 TAC §102.1601.

(e)Application process for grant on behalf of a student.

(2) Parents and guardians who would like to apply on behalf of their eligible students must complete the online application.

NOTE: Families must apply online, there are no paper versions of the application. Families should also use an email they regularly check, as this will the email in which they will receive communication, and if eligible, will get an account.

(5) If necessary, eligible students will be placed on a waitlist and parents and guardians will be notified. Should additional funds become available, priority will be given in the order established by the waitlist and in accordance with subsection (c) of this section.

NOTE:It is possible that an eligible family apply but still not receive an account. There are a limited number of accounts available, and we will likely run out.


(f) Approval of application; assignment of account.

(4)Within 30 calendar days from receiving an award notification email, parents and guardians must:

(A)access or log in to their account or the account may be subject to reclamation; and

(B)agree to and sign the SSES parental acknowledgement affidavit.

NOTE: Families MUST complete these two things within the first 30-days. ClassWallet will send out several reminders, but this is something that we recommend LEAs informing the parents of.


(g) Use of funds. Use of SSES program funds provided to parents and guardians are limited as follows.

(1) Only supplemental special education instructional materials and supplemental special education services available through the marketplace of approved providers and vendors may be purchased with SSES program funds.

NOTE: Families may only purchase items that are educational. There is a team of people that approve or deny every order that is purchased.

(6) Parents may not use SSES program funds for reimbursement of goods or services obtained outside of the marketplace. SSES program funds shall not be paid directly to parents or guardians of eligible students.

NOTE: Families cannot be reimbursed for goods or services. Families may only purchase goods and submit invoices for services received online through the ClassWallet marketplace.