Criteria and Information on Becoming a Service Provider or Vendor

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The Parent-Directed Special Education Services (PDSES) program, previously, the Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) program is a one-time $1,500 online grant for parents/guardians of eligible students served by special education and who are enrolled in a Texas public school. Parents/guardians of eligible students can use the online accounts to shop the marketplace to obtain educational materials and resources such as textbooks, curriculum, or technology devices and/or services such as additional speech therapy, tutoring, or other specific services. 

Please note, the PDSES program is the same as the SSES program, just with a new name to better reflect the importance of parents as decision makers in the educational process. Families with current SSES applications will still be awarded accounts based on the order they applied. The same students who were eligible for the SSES program are eligible for the PDSES program.  If students already received an SSES grant, they will not be eligible for a PDSES program grant. 

TEA is working to update the name to PDSES, and logo on all outreach materials for the start of the 2024-2025 school year. “Any reference to Supplemental Special Education Services Program, supplemental special education services, supplemental special education services instructional materials, or SSES in state law and TEA materials is to be considered synonymous with the PDSES program.” §102.1601(a).

List of Current Service Providers and Vendors

Approved PDSES Service Provider List and Map

Approved PDSES Direct Pay Vendors

Approved PDSES Integrated Vendors

Information on becoming an:

PDSES Service Provider

PDSES Vendor

Information on Becoming an PDSES Service Provider

We are looking for service providers in the following areas: 

  • Paraprofessionals and Special Education Assistants: Anyone providing paraprofessional/special education assistant services must have either a current, valid Texas Educator Certificate (TEC) or documents/credentials (diploma, resume, etc.) demonstrating sufficient experience and training.
  • Licensed/Certified Service Providers (Therapists, etc.): Anyone providing a type of therapy/service that is licensed in Texas must have a valid and active Texas license. Anyone providing a type of therapy/service that is NOT licensed in Texas must have credentials, certifications, education, and/or experience demonstrating the ability to provide the therapy or service competently and safely.
  • Academic Tutor: Self-Employed/Individual Providers (a single person working alone) providing academic tutoring must have a current, valid Texas Educator Certificate (TEC).
  • Specialized Services

To provide a service that does not fit under any of the categories, please contact


Service Provider FAQs:

Who needs a background check, and how can I get one?

The PDSES program has an obligation to ensure that only appropriate service providers work with the PDSES program. One of those steps is making sure each service provider has passed a background check. Service providers working for a company or clinic get background checks when they are hired. Most individual PDSES service providers are required to have a license or certification which also requires a background check. SSES may ask individual service providers who do not hold a license or certification that required a background check to submit one directly to PDSES.

You can get your background check by going to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Fingerprinting Services web page and following the instructions.

What must be provided on the invoice?

PDSES funds can be used to pay invoices for services provided to PDSES eligible students by approved service providers so long as funds:

  • go towards providing the service for which the service provider was approved,
  • go towards paying for a service that has already happened, and
  • are accompanied by an invoice which includes:
    • Name of the PDSES approved service provider
    • Name of the student receiving the service or therapy
    • Dates of service (must have already happened)
    • Service or therapy type
    • Service pricing including the price per unit of service and total open balance
    • Invoice amount must match the amount requested (this does not include service fees)*

Please note, the service provided to the student must match the type of service for which they were approved as an PDSES approved service provider. For example, if a service provider applies as an occupational therapist, they must be providing occupational therapy, and it must be stated as such on the invoice.

Please note that ClassWallet charges a 2.5% service fee which, like a credit card fee, is to be paid by the vendor and not the parent or the PDSES program.

Do public school teachers or service providers qualify to be PDSES service providers?

Yes, public school teachers and service providers do qualify to provide tutoring or supplemental services. Both must apply to become a service provider using the correct credentials. PDSES recommends that teachers and therapists do not provide PDSES services to students on their current LEA caseloads and/or rosters. Doing so has the potential to lead to conflicts of interest between the family and their employer. PDSES recommends that teachers and therapists review relevant district and school policies as well as professional standards before applying and/or providing services.

Must tutors have a special education certification to provide services?

Anyone providing academic tutoring must have a current, valid Texas Educator Certificate (TEC). However, it is not required that an academic tutor have a special education certification.

Is there a maximum per hour charge for services provided?

All invoices and receipts for goods and services are evaluated by the PDSES program. Vendors and service providers may be denied access if they are found to charge excessive rates.

Ready to Apply to Become a Service Provider?

This application is for service providers only, the student PDSES application is closed for the 2023-2024 school year.



Information on Becoming a PDSES Vendor

We are looking for businesses to join the PDSES marketplace where PDSES families will shop for the products that will most benefit their student.

Businesses can join in two ways:

  1. As a DirectPay vendor (Requires a US-based Bank Account)
  2. As an Integrated eCommerce ClassWallet vendor (Requires eCommerce) 

1. Information for Direct Pay Vendors

This option is for businesses who offer educational and therapeutic goods to join as PDSES Direct Pay vendors so that PDSES families can shop for products that provide an academic benefit to their student.  Once approved, PDSES Direct Pay vendors will be found within the ClassWallet marketplace’s “Pay Vendor” portal.

Businesses that sell eligible goods may apply to the PDSES program to be considered as a direct pay vendor by clicking “Apply to Become Direct Pay Vendor” below. Businesses will be asked to provide their website, federal or state taxpayer number, and/or state business license when completing the application.  Only businesses within the United States will be eligible to apply.

If approved, they will be added to the list of eligible direct pay vendors within the ClassWallet “Pay Vendor” portal. Once the family makes their selection of items from the approved direct pay vendor, the direct pay vendor will create an invoice or a quote for the family to submit for approval.  When the invoice/quote is reviewed and approved, the online marketplace will transfer funds directly to the vendor, and the direct pay vendor will ship the item to the PDSES family.

Please note that ClassWallet charges a 2.5% service fee which, like a credit card fee, is to be paid by the vendor and not the parent or the PDSES program.

Become a PDSES Direct Pay Vendor

Apply to be a Direct Pay Vendor
Apply to Become Direct Pay Vendor

PDSES Direct Pay Vendors must also complete the “Direct Pay Agreement”

Direct Pay Vendor Agreement
Complete Direct Pay Vendor Agreement

Note: This application is for vendors only, the student PDSES application is closed for the 2023-2024 school year.

2. Information for Integrated eCommerce ClassWallet Vendors

This option is for businesses that want to become a store within the ClassWallet marketplace. These vendors will have their own shopping tile and their website will have the ability to interface with the ClassWallet platform so that their shopping carts, search features, and general shopping experience works within the ClassWallet marketplace. The PDSES program approves all vendors to be part of the PDSES ClassWallet marketplace.

Please note any associated marketplace fees are paid by the vendor and not the parent or the PDSES program. 

Steps to Becoming an Integrated eCommerce ClassWallet Vendor

Step1: Apply for Approval

Step 2: Contact ClassWallet Vendor Account Management


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