Preschool Outcomes

State Performance Plan Indicator 7

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SPPI 7: Measurement

State Performance Plan Indicator (SPPI) 7 measures the percent of preschool children aged 3 through 5 with individualized education programs (IEPs) who demonstrate improved:

  1. Positive social-emotional skills (including social relationships);
  2. Acquisition and use of knowledge and skills (including early language/communication and early literacy); and
  3. Use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.

SPPI 7: Calculation

SPPI 7: Data Source

SPPI 7 data are collected through the SPP 7 Early Childhood Outcomes application in the Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL).  Local education agencies (LEAs) utilize the Early Childhood Outcome Center's Childhood Outcomes Summary (COS) Process and the Childhood Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) to document children's functioning in three outcome areas. 

SPPI 7: Resources

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Special Education or IEP-Related Questions?

Consult SPEDTex, the Texas Special Education Information Center. This is a resource backed by TEA to inform and support parents, teachers, and anyone committed to the success of children with disabilities.

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