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Each spring, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) produces a District Profile of SPP Indicators for each local education agency (LEA) in the state. The district profile publicly reports the LEA's performance against the state targets for Indicators 1-14 in the State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) for a given year.


SPP Data Collection and COVID-19 
Information related to the SPP data collection and COVID-19 can be found on the
COVID-19 Support: Special Education webpage.






About the LEA Profile Report

About the LEA Report School Year District Profile
2021 Report 2019-20
2020 Report 2018-19
2019 Report 2017-18
2018 Report 2016-17
2017 Report 2015-16
2016 Report 2014-15
2015 Report 2013-14
2014 Report 2012-13









Local Education Agency Determinations

TEA is required to make annual determinations about the performance of LEAs using four categories.

  • Meets Requirements
  • Needs Assistance
  • Needs Intervention
  • Needs Substantial Intervention

LEAs receive determination level assignments in the Results Driven Accountability (RDA) framework based on combined Indicator performance levels derived from the federally required elements and the State defined elements contained in each LEA's public RDA report. 

As implied, these categories represent various intensities of required technical assistance and/or intervention.


Federally Required Elements

States must consider four federally required elements in assigning a Determination level for LEAs.

  • 2021 Federally Required Elements (FRE): Performance Level Matrix
  • Performance on SPP/APR compliance Indicators 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13
  • Whether data submitted by LEAs are valid, reliable, and timely
  • Uncorrected noncompliance from other sources (complaints resolution, due process, residential facility monitoring, and monitoring activities)
  • Any audit findings


State Defined Elements

States may choose to define additional elements in making annual determinations. TEA has incorporated the state defined Results Driven Accountability (RDA) Indicator performance levels to reflect LEA performance more accurately and as indicated by data results.



The methodologies used to compute the data in the State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) Indicators are found in the SPP/APR Methodologies document. These measurements are reported at the state level in the SPP/APR submission and at the district level in the pubic reporting process.

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Special Education or IEP-Related Questions?

Consult SPEDTex, the Texas Special Education Information Center. This is a resource backed by TEA to inform and support parents, teachers, and anyone committed to the success of children with disabilities.

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