Charter Schools

  • A charter school is a type of public school. The Texas Legislature authorized the establishment of charter schools in 1995. Some of the first charters have been in operation since Fall 1996.

    There are four types of charters in Texas. They include:

    1. Subchapter B Home-rule School District Charters - There are no home-rule school district charters in Texas.
    2. Subchapter C Campus or Campus Program Charters - Independent school districts authorize and oversee these charters.
    3. Subchapter D Open-enrollment Charters - Most charters in Texas fall under this category. The commissioner authorizes these charters. Before SB 2 passed in 2013, the State Board of Education (SBOE) was the authorizer.
    4. Subchapter E University or Junior College Charters - The commissioner authorizes Subchapter E charters. Eligible entities include public colleges and universities.

    Charter schools are subject to fewer state laws than other public schools. The reduced legislation encourages more innovation and allows more flexibility, though state law does require fiscal and academic accountability from charter schools. The state monitors and accredits charter schools just as the state accredits school districts.


    Our mission is to cultivate innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and to empower the charter community through leadership, guidance, and support.


    • The Generation Twenty-Four application for Open-Enrollment Charters is now available.  More information can be found on our Subchapter D and Subchapter E application pages.
    • TEA is looking for qualified individuals with expertise in the areas of curriculum, finance, charter school operations, and charter school governance.  Parties interested in reviewing applications may contact the division at
    • If you wish to review the applications of any applicants, please visit our Applications, Amendments, and Boundaries page.
    • Website viewers can now view approved charter amendments and geographic boundaries for each charter on the Applications, Amendments, and Boundaries page.

    Resources for Parents and Students

    The following links provide information for past, current, and prospective charter school students and their parents:

    Resources for Charter School Personnel

    The links below include information and guidance for current charter school administration and staff:

    Resources for Charter School Applicants

    The following links include charter applications and other information for prospective charter school operators:

    Other Resources

    The links below include more helpful information about charters:

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