Charter Schools - Charter Closures

The commissioner has the authority to close charter schools that do not meet certain criteria.  For instance, charter schools that do not meet annual state academic and financial standards may be subject to closure.  A charter holder may also choose to close voluntarily, as well as close individual campuses.

Parents/guardians may find the FAQs (PDF) helpful in the event of a charter closure.  In addition, the map of Texas charter schools can help parents/guardians find other charter schools nearby.

Closed Charter Board of Managers

Closed charter schools are managed by a TEA-appointed Board of Managers (BOM) who replace the governing board of the charter and exercise all powers and duties assigned to charter governing boards to oversee the management of the closed charter during the process of completing the closure process.  

Meeting Notices

Board of Managers - Honors Academy (PDF, 144 KB) - Friday, September 16, 2022

Closed Charter School Records

If you need to retrieve student or personnel records from a charter school that is no longer in operation, please visit the Region XIII website and review the list of closed charters they maintain the records for.  If your school is on that list, complete the form on their website to request a copy of your records.  If your school is not on the list, please contact the Charter School Authorizing and Administration Division to determine the disposition of those records.  You can also submit a public information request to TEA to request any information the school submitted on your behalf.

If a charter holder closes a campus but continues to operate a charter school, the campus' records remain the responsibility of the charter holder.  If the charter school was a campus operated by an independent school district, that school district maintains responsibility for those records.  To find the contact information for either a charter school or a school district, please visit the Texas Education Directory (AskTED) and use the "Quick District Search" feature.

To determine if your school is closed, please review our Summary of Awards and Closures (PDF, 323 KB).

If you have any questions about anything on this page, contact the Charter School Authorizing and Administration Division by email at or call (512) 463-9575.