Charter School Finance

The primary source of state funding for Texas open-enrollment charter schools is the Foundation School Program (FSP). State Law and Commissioner's rules governing charter school FSP include the Texas Education Code §12.106, State Funding and 19 Texas Administrative Code §100.1041, State Funding. In general, the number of students attending, and student program participation determine the total FSP funding the charter school will receive. Refer to the School Finance Topics - One Page Description about Charter School Funding.

FSP System Deadlines


Charter schools submit attendance data in the Foundation School Program (FSP) web application through TEA's security gateway, the Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL). The information is used by TEA to determine the FSP allocation and payments. Three main FSP system report deadlines are listed in the table below.

FSP Submission FSP Submission Deadline
Estimate Data Report (optional submission) August 1
Accelerated Payment Schedule (optional submission and subject to eligibility) September 1

Six-week District Summary Attendance (Required submission for each six-week period)

Attendance Crosswalk

10 Calendar Days after six-week period ends

Estimate of State Aid Template

The template is published annually in July and is periodically published with version updates. For planning purposes, charter schools may continue to use the latest version of the Estimate of State Aid Template to project FSP state aid for the current or upcoming school year.


Contact Information

For additional information, contact:

State Funding Division
Dina Black
(512) 463-9531