Charter School Finance

The Foundation School Program (FSP) is the primary source of funding for charter schools. The number of students attending as well as their program participation determine the amount of funding for each charter. Schools that choose to provide transportation to students receive additional state funds. Charter schools are not entitled to participate in the Instructional Facilities Allotment program.

Law and Rules

Background and Presentations

  • Charter School Funding                                                                       (PDF, 24 KB)
  • Charter School Attendance Reporting                                                 (PDF, 23 KB
  • New to Charter School Finance                   (PowerPoint, 1.98 MB)  (PDF, 639 KB)
  • District Summary Attendance Reporting      (PowerPoint, 1 MB)       (PDF, 700 MB)
  • Charter School Finance Update                   (PowerPoint, 728 KB)   (PDF, 363 KB)

TEAL and Foundation School Program (FSP)

Reference the documents on the step-by-step process to acquire a TEAL account and/or request the Foundation School Program Application.

Charter School FSP Deadlines

August 1: Estimate Data Report: (Late submissions not accepted)

  • Report opens the first week of July
  • Required submission for new open-enrollment charter schools
  • Optional submission for all other charter schools

September 1: Accelerated Payment Schedule Class 5 (Late submissions not accepted)

  • Schedule opens two weeks before deadline
  • New open-enrollment charter schools not eligible to apply

10 calendar days after six-week reporting period endsSix-week District Summary Attendance Report

Non-school days count toward the 10-calendar day deadline, however you may use the following guidance if deadline falls during:

  • Thanksgiving break - Submit by December 5
  • Christmas break - Submit by January 7
  • Spring break - Submit by April 5

Estimate of State Aid Template

The template is published annually in July. For planning purposes, you may continue to use the current Estimate of State Aid Template, which reconciles to the latest Summary of Finances report to project state aid for the upcoming school year.

Reports, Links and Other Information



 For additional information, contact:

State Funding Division
Dina Black
(512) 463-9531