Phase 1: Conduct Landscape Analysis

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Phase 1 Guidance Documents  TEA Resources Additional Resources District Created Examples

1.1 Assess At-Home Technology Access (PDF)

Information Guidance to Districts on Providing Internet to Students (PDF)

Template Parent/Guardian Survey Questions Bank (English version) (PDF)

Template Parent/Guardian Survey Questions Bank (Spanish version)

Example Sample Parent/Guardian Survey (English version) (PDF)

Example Sample Parent/Guardian Survey (Spanish version) (PDF)

Example Sample Teacher Survey (PDF)

Example Teacher Survey Question Bank (PDF)

Article Education Elements: Four Ways to Facilitate Virtual Learning (Website)

Information Keep Americans Connected (Website)

Resource Qualtrics No-Cost Solution for Schools (Website)

Information The 1 Million Project Foundation (Website)

Example Arp ISD Online Learning Survey (Website)

Example Keller ISD Technology Survey (Website)

Example London ISD Access to Technology Away from School Survey (Website)

1.2 Assess Access to Instructional Delivery Methods (PDF)  

List Tech for Learners Curated List of Resources (Website)

Resource Tech & Learning Special Report: "The Just in Time Playbook for Remote Learning" (Website)

Resource Technology Partner Resources for Distance Learning During COVID-19 (Website)

Example Dallas ISD At-Home Learning (Website)

Example Long Beach USD Home Learning Opportunities (Website)

Example London ISD Distance Learning Plan (Website)

Example Sacred Heart Schools Flexible Plan for Instructional Continuity (Website)

Example San Antonio ISD Digital Playground (Website)

1.3 Assess Instructional Materials Access (PDF)

Template Template to Assess Instructional Materials Access (PDF)

Template Template to Assess Instructional Materials Access (Word)

List Searchable Inventory of Instructional Materials (Excel)

Resource Instructional Materials and Supports for Advanced Academics Programs and Assessments (Word)

Resource Instructional Materials and Curricular Supports for Career and Technical Education (Word)

List TRR Searchable At-Home Learning Resources (Website)

Resource Texas Gateway (Website)

Example TEKS Resource System (Subscription Required) (Website)

Template Instruction Partners: COVID-19 Schools Resource Hub (Website)

Resource TNTP: Resources for Learning at Home When Schools Close (Website)

Resource Modern States Freshman Year for Free (Website)

Information College Board Quick Reference Sheet for AP Teachers (Website)

Resource Early Childhood Instructional Resources (Website)

Resource Circle Activity Collection: Family (Website)

Example Family Engagement Resources (Website)

Example Austin ISD Learning At-Home (Website)

Example Austin ISD Learning At-Home Special Education Resources (Website)

Example Dallas ISD At-Home Learning (Website)

Special Education Special Education: Related SPED-specific guidance and resources (PDF)

Special Education ResourceConsiderations for Selecting Online Education Platforms for Special Populations (PDF)

Special Education Resource UDL Scan Tool and Template (Website)

Special Education Resource  Digital Accessibility Toolkit (PDF)


The documents and links included on this webpage are provided as a resource only. This information is intended to assist in the delivery of educational resources in this time of public crisis.

Special Education = Special Education Specific Guidance and Resource


Resource Types


Information: Includes references to statute or rule, FAQs, reference sheets, guidance documents, and special offerings related to instructional continuity


Template: Editable tools that can be used to create district-specific outputs like surveys, training plans, and student schedules


Resource: Collections of tools, processes, supports, and ideas for instructional continuity planning


Example: A representation of an output suggested to be developed during instructional continuity planning


Article: Expert tips, best practices, and step-by-step instructions for implementation of planning category specific activities


List: Organized, categorized, and searchable list of resources or examples of quality district outputs


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Phase 1

Conduct Landscape Analysis

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Phase 2

Determine At-Home Instructional Model and Monitoring

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Phase 3

Operationalize At-Home Model

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Phase 4

Provide Monitoring and Support