ESSA Program Compliance

TEA's ESSA program compliance functions are provided primarily by the Federal Program Compliance Division (FPC), which administers most programs of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). FPC is a division of the Department of Grant Compliance and Administration (GCA).

COVID-19 and Federal Grant Funds

All information related to COVID-19 and federal grant funds will be consolidated and posted on the GCA page of the TEA website, including an FAQ related to federal grant funds and how they may be used in regard to COVID-19. 

All TEA guidance related to COVID-19 is posted first on the (COVID-19) Support and Guidance page of the agency’s website. Refer to that page for additional information from TEA regarding COVID-19 and its impact on Texas K-12 schools and students.

ESSA Program Compliance

The links below lead to information for each of the programs that FPC administers.

Title I, Part A—Improving Basic Programs

Title I, Part C—Education of Migratory Children

Title I, Part D—Prevention and Intervention for Delinquent, Neglected, and At-Risk Youth

Title II, Part A—Supporting Effective Instruction

Title IV, Part A—Student Support and Academic Enrichment

Title V, Part A—Funding Transferability

Title V, Part B—Rural Education Initiative, or REAP / Subpart 2 - Rural and Low-Income School Program

Title VIII—ESSA Unsafe School Choice Option

ESSA Private School Equitable Services

The following ESSA-related programs are administered in other divisions (click on each of the programs listed for program-specific information).

Title III, Part A—English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act

Teacher Equity Plans - Texas Equity Toolkit