Texas STEM Education Toolkit

The Texas Education Agency has developed tools to support districts in developing a local STEM program that is aligned to the high-quality indicators identified by the state. The STEM tools are designed to support a district in planning and implementing a K-12 STEM program.


Planning Tools:

STEM Model Identification Guide (PDF)

STEM Education Program Planning Guide (PDF)

STEM Leadership Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)

STEM Sustainability Tool (PDF)

STEM Needs Assessment (PDF)


Implementation Tools:

STEM Teaching and Learning Progression (PDF)

STEM Curricular Planning and Implementation Reflection for Teachers (PDF)

STEM Fluency Rubric (PDF)

Integration Strategies (PDF)

Integration Planning Graphic Organizer (PDF)

Teacher Survey (PDF)

Student Survey (PDF)

Family Survey (PDF)

STEM Instructional Planning Guide (PDF)

STEM Walkthrough Tool (PDF)