Texas K-8 Mobile STEM Lab

In partnership with Learning Undefeated, TEA introduced the Texas Mobile STEM Laboratory program in the 2021-22 school year. The mobile lab provides engaging, hands-on educational experiences for students and teachers using a custom-outfitted STEM learning space.

The Texas Mobile STEM Labs are custom-outfitted STEM learning spaces. The mobile labs offer a blend of career and skills education, providing flexible in-classroom resources that empower teachers with new skills and content ideas while serving multiple classes simultaneously with engaging, hands-on experiences.

Mobile Stem Lab


All Texas public schools offering classes for grades K-8 are eligible to request a visit. At least one school district from every educational region will receive a visit each school year. Priority for visits will be given to schools in rural areas and those demonstrating high economic need (majority student body that qualifies for free and reduced meals).


Teachers and administrators can request a visit to their school during the spring registration window, which will open on April 1, 2024, and remain open through May 31, 2024. Click the video for more information.

Scheduling will take place online at Texas Mobile STEM Labs.

Free Mobile Lab Curriculum:

In partnership with TEA, Learning Undefeated created an adaptable, cross-disciplinary framework and model activities for the Texas Mobile STEM Lab to introduce Texas teachers and students to principles of engineering design aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The lessons include defining a problem, identifying criteria and constraints, designing, building, testing, evaluating, and iteration.

Mobile STEM Lab Features:

The Texas Mobile STEM Labs use Learning Undefeated’s trailer,  with advanced technology and laboratory equipment, to create an immersive learning environment for 24 students, their teachers, and a Learning Undefeated facilitator. Technology includes a large format touchscreen TV, surround sound, and LED lighting.

The Texas Mobile STEM Lab is self-sufficient with its own water, electricity, heating, and cooling. It is also equipped with a shoreline for electrical power.

Mobile Stem Lab Students

The mobile laboratories transport classroom resource carts for teacher-led hands on activities. All activities are TEA-approved and aligned to the TEKS curriculum for each grade level. Classroom teachers will have access to TEA approved TEKS-aligned curriculum, resources, equipment, and on-site support from the Mobile STEM Laboratory during their visit.

For more information regarding the program, go to Texas Mobile STEM Labs.

Students interacting with Mobile STEM lab feature that is exclusive to Texas.
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For questions or additional information, please submit a Curriculum Request Form through the TEA Help Desk.

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