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Lone Star STEM Grant

In order to meet the current and growing statewide demand for STEM knowledge and skills, as well as address widening gaps in equity and access to STEM education, the TEA is partnering with Jobs for the Future (JFF) and the University of Texas Center for STEM Education (UTCSE) to use a United States Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grant.

This grant supports the development and/or expansion of College and Career Readiness School Models (CCRSMs) that focus on developing or expanding STEM pathways in computer science or cybersecurity. In addition to the creation or expansion of a computer science and cybersecurity pathway, the grant may also support the expansion of an existing engineering pathway.

Timeline for the Lone Star STEM Grant: (3-year commitment)

Lone Star STEM Academies are committing to launch or expand a CCRSM with a STEM pathway in computer science, cybersecurity, and/or engineering. The TEA will have three cohorts that will pilot the STEM Framework and methodology the TEA is developing.

Cohort 1 Planning Year 19-20, Implementation 20-21, Continuation 21-22
Cohort 2 Planning Year 20-21, Implementation 21-22, Continuation 22-23
Cohort 3 Planning Year 20-21, Implementation 21-22, Continuation 22-23

(This grant is no longer accepting new cohorts)