Campus Accountability Interventions and Guidance

The guidance and resources below are specific to campuses rated D or F through the State Accountability System and campuses identified for Comprehensive, Targeted, or Additional Targeted Support under ESSA.

If you do not know the accountability rating assigned to your campus, visit the Texas Schools Report Card web page. For district specific information, view the District Accountability Interventions and Guidance web page.

Campus Turnaround Plan Guidance

After a campus has been identified as unacceptable for two consecutive years, the campus must develop and submit a turnaround plan to the agency explaining the campus’ systemic approach to producing significant and sustainable gains in achievement. Guidance for turnaround plan development is found on the Campus Turnaround Plan Guidance web page.

State and Federal Accountability Intervention Requirements

To the Administrator Addressed Correspondence

State Intervention Requirements Federal Intervention Requirements
Requirement Domain D1 1st year
Overall D
1st year Overall F 2nd year Overall F 3rd year + Overall F Additional Targeted Support2 Targeted Support 2  Comprehensive Support
DCSI Assignment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  No, Only contact name  No, Only contact name Yes
DCSI Attestation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Training No No Yes Yes Implement Commissioner-Approved Turnaround Plan No No Yes
Public Meeting for Input 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Self-Assessment        (ESF-Aligned) Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Facilitated ESF Diagnostic No No Yes Yes No No Yes
TEA TIP Template Format No, Any format; ex: embed in CIP Yes Yes Yes No, Any format; ex: embed in CIP No, Any format; ex: embed in CIP Yes
Board Hearing & Approval of TIP Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Submit Plan / Progress Report to TEA No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Develop / Submit Turnaround Plan No No No Yes No No No No

In cases where more than one rating applies to a campus, LEAs are required to engage in the more rigorous intervention requirement. 

  1. State statute requires the development of a targeted improvement plan for campuses with a rating of D in any of the three domains. No statuary requirement exists for campuses with a domain rating of F.
  2. TEA will seek an amendment to the state ESSA plan to revise these as distinct intervention requirements in future years. 
  3. All campuses, regardless of rating, hold a public meeting to discuss performance of the campus and campus performance objectives (TEC §11.253(g)), and the meeting to solicit input on the Targeted Improvement Plan can take place at the same time as this meeting.

Intervention and Submission Calendars

Use the 2019-2020 Intervention Guidance Tool to assist with determining which intervention and submission calendar to follow for the 2019-2020 monitoring year. Intervention and submission calendars provide more detail about the processes outlined in the table above.


2019 Accountability FAQ Resource (PDF, 207KB)

Public Hearing and Meeting Requirements (PDF, 179KB) - REVISED 10/22/2019

Intervention Timeline Summary for Multiyear Unacceptable Campuses (PDF, 154KB)

HB 1842 2019 Ratings Webinar (PPT, 11737KB)

ESF Overview Training Requirements (PDF, 165KB)

Campus Needs Assessment and Planning Process Guidance (PDF, 338KB)

Campus Intervention Matrix (PDF, 87KB)

District Coordinator of School Improvement (DCSI) Job Description (PDF, 106KB)

DCSI Attestation Statement (PDF, 165KB)

Templates / Tools

Campus Targeted Improvement Plan (Excel, 35KB)

Campus ESF Self Assessment Tool (Excel, 128KB)

Campus Data Reflection Tool (Excel, 45KB)

TTIPS Activity Plan (Excel, 111KB)