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Parents: Should Your Child Restart Kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten?



Kindergarten Students:

If you believe your child needs to restart kindergarten or pre-kindergarten, you as a parent have the right to make this decision but you must act quickly. You can find the steps you must take here.

Given the disruptions of the 2020-2021 school year, the Texas Legislature has given parents new rights to make this decision for the upcoming school year. The decision as to whether your child needs to repeat kindergarten in the upcoming school year is your decision to make as a parent.

Kindergarten is an important year for students to develop socially and learn skills that prepare them to succeed in the classroom. If, during the previous school year, your kindergarten-age child:

  • Did not attend kindergarten
  • Missed many days of kindergarten because of the disrupted school year
  • Attended kindergarten but struggled

You may want to consider whether he or she should restart kindergarten in this upcoming school year. This page offers resources to help you make this decision.


Pre-Kindergarten Students:

Similarly, if your child was eligible for pre-kindergarten in the previous school year and did not attend or had a disrupted school year, you may choose to have your child restart pre-kindergarten, or he or she may continue on and attend kindergarten. If you choose to have your child restart pre-kindergarten, you must act quickly. You can find the steps you must take here.


For information on repeating other grades, see Repeat a Grade or Course. For more resources on how to prepare your child for school in the fall, please visit our parent hub.


What Should You Consider When Making This Decision?:


  • Consider social factors. Kindergarten is a time when students learn a lot about interacting with other children in school and learn how to behave in a classroom. Would your child benefit from more practice in these areas?

  • Look at your child's work from the previous year, including progress reports, teacher feedback and the student body of work they created. Does your child's work and performance lead you to believe they are ready for the next grade?

  • Research on repeating a grade is mixed; different studies have found positive and negative results for students’ academic learning and social development. When making decisions, parents should keep in mind both the general research AND the specifics of their student’s situation.



If you decide your student will restart kindergarten or pre-kindergarten, it is important to act quickly! 



You must tell your school in writing before the start of the school year.

  • Check your school's calendar (often available on the school’s website) to make sure you know when school starts for the 2021-22 school year.
  • Make your request in writing to the school principal, or to whomever the district otherwise directs you to address your request. Unless your school gives you different instructions, you can use this form to submit your request.
If your school does not agree with your decision, they may bring together a committee to meet with you to talk about your decision. After you meet with the committee, you will make the final decision whether to your student will restart kindergarten or pre-kindergarten, and the school must honor your decision.