Out-of-State Certified Educators

You must apply for a review of credentials if you are seeking certification in Texas and you hold a standard certificate issued by another state or territory. A standard certificate is defined in TAC §230.111(c). 

Application Information

  1. Create an online account.
  2. Complete an application and pay the $164 non-refundable fee.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges.
  4. Submit copies of all standard certificates.
  5. Submit proof of oral English language proficiency if your degree was earned outside the United States, including territories of the United States.

Important Note for Educators with Student Services or Administration Certification

If you hold a student services or administration certificate but do not hold a classroom teaching certificate, you will need to submit documentation of two years of acceptable school experience in the area of your certification. You must send acceptable documentation on an official verification of experience form, located on the Out-of-State Test Exemptions page.

Transcripts Accepted Electronically from the Institution

Official transcripts can be sent directly from your institution or servicer via email. Your institution should email the transcript directly to OSC75@tea.texas.gov. We will not accept emailed transcripts from you.

Please choose one method of sending your transcript. Do not mail your transcript if requesting it be electronically sent to us. Do not request to have it electronically sent if it is being mailed. Duplicate documents may slow down the review of your file.

Electronic Certificate Submissions

You may submit your out-of-state certificate online. Out-of-country documents will not be accepted electronically.

  • The application and fee for a review of credentials must be completed.
  • Click the My Documents tab on the left side of the ECOS menu.
  • Under Select Document Type choose the option for OSC-Out-of-State Certificate and finishing uploading your certificate. Please review our instructions for uploading documents if you need additional assistance.
  • Do not upload transcripts. We will not accept any transcripts sent from an educator; they will be deleted and treated as spam.
  • Do not mail a copy of your out-of-state certificate if you are uploading it. Duplicate documents may slow down the review of your file.

Allow up to 3 to 4 weeks to confirm receipt of documents submitted online. Response times are approximate and may be longer during peak periods.

Results of the Review

Once the review of credentials is completed you will receive a notification by email. The details of your review will be available online in your educator account from the Educator Main Menu under "My Documents". Please use Google Chrome to view PDF document(s).

Out-of-State Tests

If you were required to take tests to obtain the certificates that you submitted for the review of credentials, you must submit additional documentation for possible exemption of Texas tests. Out-of-state test scores will not be considered without a review of credentials.

The Science of Teaching Reading (STR) Exam will be required if successfully reviewed for any of the following areas:

  • Early Childhood: EC – Grade 3 
  • Core Subjects with Science of Teaching Reading: Early Childhood–Grade 6 
  • Core Subjects with Science of Teaching Reading: Grades 4–8 
  • English Language Arts and Reading with Science of Teaching Reading: Grades 4–8​ 
  • English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies with Science of Teaching Reading: Grades 4–8​  

If you were required to take the Science of Teaching Reading in your state, please submit additional documentation for possible test exemption.

One-Year Certificate

Once you have completed the review of credentials, you may be issued a One-Year non-renewable certificate. You may apply for the One-Year certificate at the same time as your review of credentials or after the review of credentials has been completed. While your One-Year certificate is valid, you must complete one or both of the following options:

  • Submit all required documents necessary to determine possible exemption of out-of-state tests to establish the standard certificate, based on your completed review of credentials.
  • Complete all appropriate tests to establish the standard certificate if not exempted from required tests.

Standard Certificate

You must apply for a standard certificate once all requirements are met.  

Contact Information

(512) 936-8400
Phone Options:
Option 2-Educator Certification
Option 3-Fingerprinting
Option 5-Educator Preparation Programs
Option 6-Investigations
Testing questions: (512) 463-9039


Staff in the Division of Educator Certification are also available via the TEA Help desk.
Allow several business days for staff to respond to your ticket.

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