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The SSES program has specific eligibility criteria please make sure that you have verified that your student meets the eligibility criteria by reviewing the Eligibility Requirements below.  Both the SSES Program and the SSES+ Medically Fragile Program are a first-come, first-served one-time only grant.  If you have previously been awarded an SSES account, you will not be eligible to apply again. 

SSES Program Student Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the SSES grant, students must currently be:

  • enrolled in a Texas public school,
  • enrolled in PreK - 12th grade,
  • and a student with a disability served through Special Education.

SSES+ Medically Fragile Program (NEW in August 2022) Student Eligibility Criteria

Students who receive special education services, who are currently enrolled in a Texas public school, AND are identified as "medically fragile" now qualify for the new SSES+ grant from TEA. There are a limited number of students who qualify for the SSES+ Medically Fragile Program, students must have a PEIMS coding of "medically fragile" to be eligible. Visit the SSES+ Medically Fragile page for additional information about the SSES+ Medically Fragile program.

If you need assistance filling out the application, please visit: SSES Applications Troubleshooting and Tips page.

Both the SSES Program and the SSES+ Medically Fragile Programs use the same application, found below. If you qualify for either program, you will be notified by email.

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