Information Regarding Video Surveillance of Certain Special Education Settings

Information Regarding Video Surveillance of Certain Special Education Settings and the Commissioner’s Review of Actions Concerning Video Cameras in Special Education Settings


 Senate Bill (SB) SB 507 from the 84th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2015, created Texas Education Code (TEC), §29.022, which requires video surveillance to promote the safety of students receiving special education and related services in certain self-contained classrooms and other special education settings.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) adopted rule in August 2016 and amended the rule in

March 2017.  The related rule is at  

Senate Bill 1398 from the 85th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2017 amended TEC, §29.022 to provide clarification on who may make a request for cameras, on how a request must be made, on how local educational agencies (LEAs) must respond to requests for cameras, and on who may review a recording made under TEC, §29.022 and under what circumstances this can occur.  The amended statute includes timelines for having cameras in operation following a request.  The amended statute also includes the right to ask TEA to expedite a review of 1) a school district’s denial for cameras, 2) a school district’s request to extend the timeline to put the cameras in operation, and 3) a school district’s determination not to release a recording. 

TEA must adopt rule to address requests for expedited reviews and must amend the current rule related to the use of cameras in certain special education settings.  The related rule adoption process is currently underway.  

More information related to requesting an expedited review will be forthcoming on this web page.